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Batman Nightwing release, price revealed

Plus: Robin Bundle Pack release date, price.

Warner Bros has announced the Nightwing Bundle Pack for Batman: Arkham City.

The DLC add-on launches on 1st November, a week-and-a-half after the game goes on sale.

Nightwing, who is playable in all challenge maps in the game as well as two additional challenge maps that come with the pack: Wayne Manor and Main Hall, has his own gadgets and special moves.

The pack also contains a bonus Animated Series Nightwing character skin.

Meanwhile, Warner announced that the Robin Bundle Pack will launch on 22nd November to all owners of the game.

Robin is a pre-order bonus in the UK at shops Game and Gamestation.

The Nightwing and Robin DLC costs 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or €6.99 / £5.49 on the PlayStation Network each.