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Batman, Joker to team up in Arkham City?

Mystery trailer shows unlikely pairing.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Batman and arch-nemesis The Joker will put their differences aside and team up in the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City, if a mysterious leaked trailer is to be taken at face value.

A clip from the superhero sequel, somehow procured by French gaming site Jeux Video, sees the pair joining forces to dispatch a gang of goons.

We've been in touch with publisher Warner Bros. Interactive to find out if the trailer is the real deal or just a slick fan-made fake, and will update if it chooses to respond.

Arkham City, the much anticipated follow-up to Rocksteady Games' 2009 smash Batman: Arkham Asylum, is due for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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