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Batman: Arkham Knight - Silent Takedown, interrogation, Nightwing, Brute

How to find Penguin, complete the interrogation, track down the weapons and then contain them before detonating the whole stash.

Locate the large chimney ahead and grapple onto one of the platforms protruding from its left-hand side. From here, you've got an excellent view of the area so engage Detective Mode and study the hostiles below. Drop onto the small building directly beneath your current position and locate the lone guard patrolling on the next floor down. As he approaches the railing to the north, finish him off with a Silent Takedown.

Access the weapons cache and interrogate Penguin

Look right toward the ladder and wait for the next roaming guard to pass beneath you. Take him out silently, then proceed along the walkway to the east. There's a sentry gun guarding the next floor down so wait until its sensor rotates away from you then slip down the steps and drop under the grate at the end.

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Shortly, another guard enters the area as part of his patrol - wait until he's heading away from you then pop out and disable the sentry gun. Quickly sneak over to the patrolling thug before he rounds the corner and take him out from behind. Finally, leap back down into the vent.

Next, follow the vent east and around the corner to the south. Take note of the lone guard ahead then grapple on up to the chute on your right. Look west then glide over to the small platform just above the lone thug's head. Turn around, climb up onto the railing then perform a Silent Takedown.

Grapple back up to the previous platform and walk clockwise around the walkway until you locate the two armed thugs standing together below. These are the last guards in the group so finish them both off with a Fear Multi-takedown. With the area secure, follow the waypoint marker into the nearby building and open the wooden trapdoor on the ground.

Find out where the Arkham Knight has taken Oracle

Once you land, you'll find yourself overlooking the Penguin's vault. Follow the walkway around in a clockwise direction and enter the ventilation shaft on the left when you reach it. Next, work your way beneath the floor and into the centre of the room.

Sidle underneath the nearby grate then follow the prompt to pop out and begin interrogating Penguin. When the thug runs over, quickly counter his incoming attack then continue your conversation. You'll need to counter several more attempted strikes before the scene ends. When it does, finish off the remaining hostiles in the area.

Luckily, you've got some help from Nightwing this time, meaning you're able to switch between characters at the touch of a button and perform a Dual Team Takedown on your foes. Eliminate every thug in the room (including the beefy Brute) then catch your breath.

Destroy Penguin's weapons cache

In order to prevent any of Penguin's weapons from reaching the streets, you need to destroy his precious cache. Approach the vault and head inside. While Nightwing searches for evidence of other caches around the city, locate the weapon crates and decorate them with Explosive Gel. When you're done, exit the vault.

Before you can detonate your explosives, you need to find a way to contain the blast. This one's easy: just close the massive vault door to the right. Finally, back away from the vault then hit the detonate button to destroy the weapons cache once and for all.

This immediately unlocks the Gunrunner Most Wanted quest on your mission select screen. You'll be able to start locating and destroying Penguin's remaining caches just as soon as Nightwing returns with intel on the other North Refrigeration vans around the city.

To complete your current objective, grapple back onto the walkway above, locate the ladder then make your way up to the next floor. Unfortunately, Penguin's goons are lying in wait outside the building. Before they have chance to open fire, quickly grapple onto the overhead beam then swing across to the next one.

There's no way to escape the gathered thugs from here without any help, so activate your Batmobile Remote. You need to find a place that offers a clear shot on the militia ambush and, as luck would have it, there's a parking lot directly opposite Batman's current position.

Once you take control of the Batmobile, start moving forward then make a left at the junction. Continue forward then turn right at the end of the parking lot building. Finally, take another right to locate the entrance then start winding your way up to the rooftop. Next, continue along until you have the militia ambush in your sights.

Activate Battle Mode then zoom in on your opponents. Let loose with your weapons and take out all of the soldiers and the two sentry guns nearby. With the area clear, resume control of Batman, drop down onto the ground and head outside.

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