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Batman: Arkham Knight - Penguin, Batwing, Disruptor, Harold’s Repairs

How to team up with Nightwing to track down Penguin, use the Disruptor to shut down your enemy's weapons, then find Penguin's secret hideout.

It seems that Penguin has been supplying weapons to Arkham Knight, operating under the guise of the North Refrigeration company. Before tracking him down, however, you should go collect Lucius' new Batmobile upgrade.

Equip a new Secondary Weapon for the Batmobile

Hop in your vehicle and follow the waypoint marker to the airdrop location. You now have the upgrade that you selected back at the office a little earlier. Deal with any drones that swarm in on your position then prepare to rendezvous with Nightwing nearby.

Before continuing, take a look in your mission select menu and you'll spot that the Armoured and Dangerous mission is now unlocked. This tasks you with hunting down all of the militia's APCs as they roam around Gotham. There are three to be found on each island.

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Rendezvous with Nightwing to get intel on Penguin's whereabouts

Once you leave the menu, you'll likely be alerted to the presence of another mutilated body on a rooftop in Kingston. Feel free to investigate if you wish, otherwise follow the objective marker to your agreed meeting point with Nightwing. When you reach the waypoint, climb out of the Batmobile then grapple your way up to the top of the Ranelagh Ferry Terminal building.

Judging by the North Refrigeration company's trucks in the yard below, it seems that Penguin is operating in the area. When you're done talking with Nightwing, graciously accept the Disruptor weapon then prepare for the next leg of your journey.

Use the Disruptor's Sabotage ammo to disable enemy weaponry

Move over to the south-eastern edge of the rooftop and activate Detective Mode. A small group of thugs huddle in the parking lot below, two of them armed with guns. Follow the prompts to select your new Disruptor gadget then zoom in on the first armed goon's weapon. When you've got it in your sights, pull the trigger to permanently disable the gun.

Be sure to aim carefully - you've only got three shots before the Disruptor needs to recharge. Next, repeat the process to disable the other thug's weapon. As Batman points out, if you fire your weapon at a disabled gun a second time, it will knock out the user and everyone in its immediate vicinity. Handy! Finally, fire a Sabotage bullet at the crate behind the guards. This will give an opponent an electric shock whenever he attempts to restock his ammo.

Follow the weapons truck to locate Penguin's secret hideout

With the scene below suitably prepped, glide on down and begin laying waste to your opponents. Note that there's one larger Brute in the area, so swish at him with your cape and perform a Beat Down to put him out of action.

Once the parking lot is clear, use the waypoint marker to locate the North Refrigeration van nearby. Knock on the truck door then select the Disruptor from your inventory. Finally, fire at the vehicle with your Tracker Ammo and bang on the door to send the thugs on their way.

Your next task is to follow the van back to Penguin's weapons cache. However, you'll need to stick to the rooftops to avoid detection. After all, the Batmobile is pretty hard to miss.

Grapple upward and launch yourself high into the air. Locate the vehicle below and begin travelling toward it. Provided that your target remains in range, you'll be able to see it moving through the surrounding buildings. You'll need to keep some distance between you and your target, however - the thugs will only return to Penguin's hideout if they're sure that they're not being followed.

Eventually, you'll arrive at Harold's Repairs. Once the car has made its way into the building, drop down to street level and deal with any thugs in the area. When all is clear, attempt to gain entry through the main repair shop doors. Sadly, it's a no-go so you'll need to find an alternative way inside. As luck would have it, Batman knows exactly where to go and, moments later, you'll find yourself looking out onto the building's rooftop.

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