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Batman: Arkham Knight - Miagani tunnels, Batarang, Arkham Knight chase

How to infilrate the Miagani tunnels, deal with the enemy Brutes and stay hot on the heels of the Arkham Knight's vehicle.

Leave the office and leap off the balcony, flapping and grappling towards your next destination. As you near the waypoint marker, plunge to the earth and summon the Batmobile. Immediately enter Battle Mode and begin blasting through the horde of drone tanks swarming around the entrance to the tunnel system.

Infiltrate the tunnel network under Miagani Island

Once the streets are clear, resume your journey towards the waypoint marker and park up in the glowing spot on the ground. When the tunnel entrance has opened, drive on in and come to a halt by the next blast door. Sadly, you can't override this particular gate so you'll need to find an alternative way into Arkham Knight's lair.

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Reverse back up the tunnel and locate the targeting reticule that appears on the fan above your head as you go. Enter Battle Mode then launch your Power Winch at it. Reverse again to pull it to the ground then exit your vehicle and grapple up through the newly-created hole.

Once you land, approach the boarded-up hole to the left of the desk and give it a punch. When the path is clear, head into the next room. Smash through the next boarded doorway and continue forwards. Make a left and prise the vent cover off the wall.

Duck down inside, then wind your way along the vent. When you emerge on the other side, follow the prompt to select your Line Launcher. Fire it at the far wall and whizz over the spinning blades in the floor. You've reached an apparent dead end, so activate Detective Mode and track the orange cable around the room until you locate the inaccessible switch behind the partition.

Next, equip your Remote Controlled Batarang and throw it back across the room. As it nears the opening to the left, guide it inside and strike the big red button. This opens a door to your immediate right - but you'll need to deploy the Line Launcher again to reach the corridor beyond. When you've successfully made it across, head right and clamber up onto the platform.

Continue forward and walk out across the platform overlooking the massive spinning fan. Next, use your Line Launcher to reach the broken walkway ahead. Turn around, engage Detective Mode and locate the switch behind the wall to the right. Finally, guide your Remote Controlled Batarang through the illuminated hole to the right and hit the button around the corner.

That opens the gate in the far right-hand corner of the room. Select your Line Launcher again, then use it to reach the other side of the gate. From here, proceed along the corridor to the right and approach the railing overlooking the tunnel below.

A huge number of hostiles are busy repairing Arkham Knight's drones beneath your feet. Among the heaving throng, you'll spot a single armed guard patrolling the centre of the area, three armed soldiers at the rear of the tunnel and an active tank drone. Needless to say, it would be suicide to directly engage your enemies here.

Grapple onto the central beam ahead and turn around. You'll quickly realise that the situation is even worse than it originally appeared. Countless armed guards and drones pack the narrow tunnel as it stretches off into the distance.

With direct combat clearly out of the question, grapple back to the beam below the balcony, then swing over to the beam on the left-hand wall. Carefully sneak forwards, passing over the oblivious guards, then grapple onto the perch jutting out from the wall ahead.

Next, locate the ventilation cover on the tunnel wall, parallel to your current position, and swing on into the shaft. At the bottom, follow the vent all the way around then, once you're safely beneath the barred doorway, pop out into the waiting room.

Kill the Brutes

After the Arkham Knight has fled, prepare to deal with one of his heavily-armed Brutes. Follow the prompts to swish at him with your cape and perform a Beat Down move. When he's finally out for the count, turn your attention to the standard and sword-wielding goons that swarm the room.

Before long, another heavily-armoured Brute runs in, so deal with him as before then ready for a second wave of smaller enemies. There's a lot to deal with here, so stay alert and efficiently counter incoming attacks. Take opponents out as quickly as possible to avoid being overwhelmed and try not to stray too close to the room's entrance - otherwise you'll likely receive a barrage of bullets to the chest from the drone outside.

When the area is clear, a drone tank charges forward, attempting to bust its way into the room. Immediately duck around the corner to its left in order to escape its gunfire. Next, locate the fuse box near the window and interact with it to raise the shutter. This reveals the Batmobile on the other side of the window, and raises the previously impassable blast door.

Initialise your Batmobile Remote, enter Battle Mode and launch a missile at the wooden planks covering the tunnel. Once you do, several tanks on the other side begin firing at your position. Take them out one by one, avoiding their lock-on attacks as usual. When the passage is clear, locate the drone tank lodged in the doorway from earlier and destroy it to proceed.

As soon as you're back in control of Batman, leave the room and hop into your vehicle. Careen along the tunnel and stop once you reach the next blast gate. Get out of your car and interact with the fuse box to the right. As the gate opens, you'll glimpse Arkham Knight fleeing the scene. Quickly leap back into the Batmobile and hit accelerate.

Ignore the attacking thugs and focus on chasing Arkham Knight through the streets. Speed out of the tunnel, travelling toward the waypoint marker, and close in on the armoured fleet surrounding your target's APC. As soon as you're in firing range, use your homing missiles to pick off the smaller tanks one by one. Be sure to maintain visual contact with Arkham Knight's vehicle at all times - if you lose him, you'll need to restart the sequence.

Once the smaller tanks are out of the picture, you can turn your attention to the Arkham Knight's armoured car. Keep a close distance and lob homing missiles whenever you manage to get a lock-on. Before too long, the APC comes crashing to halt. Pull up alongside the vehicle and approach the driver crawling along the ground.

It seems that Arkham Knight has given you the slip - but maybe the driver knows where you can find him? Once Batman summons the Batmobile, begin revving the engine to show the thug that you mean business. When you've managed to intimidate him sufficiently, the driver reveals a smattering of information. There's more to learn, however, so start revving the engine again. That should get you all the intel that you need.

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