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Batman: Arkham Knight - Heir to the Cowl, Gotham on Fire, Azrael, Firefly

Our complete guide to finishing the Heir to the Cowl and Gotham on Fire quests in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Activate the Heir to the Cowl waypoint marker from your mission select screen then hop back into your vehicle. Proceed to the nearby Gambi's building and deal with any drones that attack on the way. Once you reach your destination, disembark and grapple up onto the building's roof. Locate the burning bat symbol and speak to the figure close by.

Investigate reports of a masked vigilante in Gotham City

When the cut-scene is over, take control of Azrael. To complete the challenge and prove that you're a worthy successor to Batman, you'll need to eliminate every thug in the area without getting hit. Counters are crucial to your success here so stay vigilant and react swiftly to enemy attacks.

Once the mission is complete, resume control of Batman then bring up your mission select menu. Activate the Gotham on Fire quest, leap down to the ground and board the Batmobile.

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Gotham on Fire

The Bristol fire station is ablaze - power up the fire suppression system to stop it spreading

Race toward the new waypoint marker and, once you reach the fire station, locate the fire suppression system near the entrance. You need to get the suppression system back online to control the fire, so activate Battle Mode and launch your Power Winch at your target. Finally, rev your engine and charge the device in the usual way.

As Firefly flees the scene, immediately give chase through the streets, using the target marker as a guide. Avoid the fire as you drive and, once you've pulled in close enough, eject out of the Batmobile to take him down. When you've got him in your grasp, start smacking him around until he wrestles free and escapes. Don't worry if you loose Firefly before you can grab him - you'll be able to resume the hunt next time you extinguish a burning fire station in Gotham.

City of Fear (continued)

Head to Wayne Tower and analyse the Arkham Knight's encryption protocols

With that little detour complete, activate the City of Fear story mission and follow the waypoint marker to Wayne Tower. Park up by the bridge and make your way over to the other side. Obviously, Batman doesn't do front doors - so grapple your way up the tower and, once you reach the penthouse level, open the shutters and head into the office.

Lucius has decoded Oracle's scrambler device and you're now able to determine the location of Arkham Knight's last radio broadcast. While you're in the office, listen to your phone messages and interact with the bust of Shakespeare to spoil Lucius' surprise and reveal the next generation disruptor he's been working on. Finally, activate the Batcomputer to analyse Arkham Knight's transmission. You'll learn that he's been hiding out in the Miagani Tunnel.

Before you leave, Lucius offers a choice of upgrades for your vehicle - the CPU Virus (capable of hijacking a drone's weapons system, causing it to target its allies) and the Weapon Generator Mk III, enabling you to overcharge the Batmobile's secondary weapons. Pick your favourite (you'll get it later in the game) then resume the hunt for the Arkham Knight.

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