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Batman: Arkham Knight - The Line of Duty (Part 2), Forensics Scanner, Oracle

How to complete the second part of The Line of Duty, then use the Batmobile's Forensics Scanner to resume the trail of the Arkham Knight.

Make you way to the active waypoint marker then enter Detective Mode. Next, locate the thugs gathering on the top floor of the Red Dragon restaurant. Grapple your way up and hang off the edge of the railing, slowly shimmying along toward the group of goons.

The Line of Duty (Part 2)

There are eight hostiles in the area, three of which are carrying guns. Shimmy to the three nearest thugs and initiate a Fear Multi-takedown from below. Work quickly and you'll be able to take the majority of enemies out in one go. Finish off any remaining opponents then untie the hostage to complete the second part of The Line of Duty.

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City of Fear (continued)

Return to Mercy Bridge to resume tracking the Arkham Knight's vehicle

Call up your mission select screen and activate the main City of Fear mission once more. Return to ground level and jump into your vehicle. Next, follow the waypoint marker back to Mercy Bridge, ready to resume your hunt for Arkham Knight's vehicle. Park up on the glowing trigger spot and, once the bridge has been lowered, immediately enter Battle Mode.

Several tank drones line the bridge ahead so use your Vulcan Gun and cannon to take them out. Note that you'll encounter a new type of drone this time, capable of lobbing homing missiles in an arc toward you. Be warned: thanks to their attack trajectory, it can tricky to spot when you've been successfully targeted. You'll need to be extra vigilant as you proceed, shooting down any missiles that lock onto your position before they can strike. Also, pay heed to Alfred's advice and fire your Vulcan Gun at a drone's turret sensors to take them out instantly.

When peace is restored, activate the Batmobile's Forensics Scanner and begin following the tire tracks south through the streets. Be careful, however: there's an increased militia presence on Miagani Island now so you'll likely have to deal with more drones as you go. When you finally locate the Arkham Knight's abandoned vehicle, disembark to investigate the scene.

Investigate the crash site to find out what happened to Oracle and the Arkham Knight

Once you're back on foot, head through the bollards and follow the waypoint marker to Arkham Knight's vehicle. Activate your Evidence Scanner and begin sweeping the crash site.

First, scan the vehicle's left-hand exterior then move west until you locate the driver's corpse on the ground. Scan the body then return to the vehicle and scan its interior. Next, you need to find the missing door. Locate the ramp leading down to the water nearby and take a left along the dock. The car door lies on the ground at the end so scan it in to complete your reconstruction.

It seems that Oracle escaped the van before it crashed. To discover exactly when, begin reviewing the reconstruction. Head up the steps to the east and stop. Carefully rewind and fast-forward the reconstruction footage until you spot Oracle tumbling out of the passenger seat and onto the wooden pallet. Stop just before she disappears from the footage then scan in her body.

Next, move through the final portion of the footage until you see the mystery bullet hit the paving stones close to Oracle's head. Scan the bullet to proceed. Now, you need to locate the clue that Oracle left as she crawled away. Return to the broken pallet and slowly rewind the footage. Stop as she lifts her arm and tosses something to one side. Scan in the object that leaves her hand.

With the scrambler device now in your possession, Lucius can make a start on tracking Oracle down. While you wait, there are two new Most Wanted mission to investigate: firstly, a mysterious figure has been seen on a Gotham rooftop close to a burning bat symbol. Next, a blaze has rocked a Bristol fire station. Gotham in Flames and Heir to the Cowl have now been added to your mission roster - let's go see what they're all about.

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