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Batman: Arkham Knight - Catwoman, Riddler Blockades, Batmobile puzzle

Our Arkham Knight walkthrough continues with a step-by-step guide to rescuing Catwoman, and solving the fiddly Batmobile puzzle.

You've little choice but to do as the Riddler says, so leap off the side of the building and follow the waypoint marker over to the orphanage. It's going to take Alfred a while to bring the bridge controls back online, sadly, so you'll have to do the journey on foot.

Head to the Riddler's orphanage to rescue Catwoman

Once you reach the orphanage, swing onto the rooftop and make your way up the lighthouse tower to the south-east. Perch on the railing and look down to locate a group of thugs gathered near the building's entrance. You need to take them all out, with the exception of Riddler's informant. He's the one highlighted in green when you activate Detective Mode.

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There's no time like the present, so quickly drop attack any of your non-essential targets and take them all out - they're only armed with melee weapons so don't expect a difficult fight. Once the Riddler's informant is the last man standing, head over and begin the interrogation. When you're done, all the Riddler Trophies in the surrounding area will be added to your map.

As an added bonus, you'll intercept a radio transmission revealing that a body has been found on a roof in Miagani Island's Bristol district. This opens up the second part of The Perfect Crime side quest, so feel free to investigate whenever you're ready.

For now though, make your way through the orphanage's main entrance. Proceed along the garish hallway and pass through door at the end. In the next room, approach the balcony overlooking the stage and drop on down. Cross the room, say hello to Catwoman and then set her free.

Unsurprisingly, the Riddler won't let you escape without a fight - and he sets ten fabulously-attired robots loose in the room. Excitingly, you're now able to take control of Catwoman and pick off your opponents using her distinctly acrobatic move set. By following the on-screen prompts, you're also able to unleash a flashy but devastating dual takedown attack at various intervals.

When all ten robots are defeated, Riddler dampens the celebratory mood by revealing that you'll need to complete his challenges and win keys to unlock Catwoman's explosive collar. First, however, he demands that you visit Chinatown and complete his trial.

Head back toward the orphanage entrance and Alfred will radio in to let you know that he's ready to lower the bridge. Exit the building and you're prompted to decide whether you wish to focus on rescuing Catwoman or resume your search for Oracle.

Before you do either, grapple back onto the orphanage roof and locate the tall building sporting the 'Vicki Vale Show' sign to the east. Fly on over and make your way to the top of the building. As you pull yourself onto the roof, a terrifying foe makes a surprise appearance, unlocking the Creature of the Night Most Wanted mission. You're now able to pursue it whenever you're ready.

Next, glance north-west and locate the large red tower. Your next destination lies just beyond it so head on over and continue past. Glide over the glass-roofed monorail station and head toward the squat, unassuming building to the right of the bridge. As you near, you'll hear the stirring sound of opera music, triggering the next part of The Perfect Crime side mission.

The Perfect Crime (Part 2)

Find and stop the killer displaying bodies throughout Gotham

Touch down and locate the mutilated body hanging from the wall. Activate your Deep Tissue Scanner and begin searching the victim for evidence. First, scan the strange markings on the right side of the corpse's chest. Next, zoom in to the muscle layer and scan the circular object lodged in the victim's brain. Finally, zoom in once more and scan the titanium implant in the corpse's arm. With that done, you're able to identify the body, concluding this part of The Perfect Crime.

Riddler's Revenge (Part 2)

Complete Riddler's trial in Chinatown

Next, we'll go see what the Riddler has in store over in Chinatown. Activate the Riddler's Revenge quest in your mission select menu then head toward the new waypoint marker.

Note that flying over Founders' Island on your travels will likely unlock the Own the Roads and Occupy Gotham side quests. The former tasks you with destroying militia checkpoints around the city streets, while the latter demands that you neutralise the militia watchtowers in the area.

Once you reach the abandoned warehouse close to the ACE Chemicals factory, locate the gate marked with a garish, green banner. Next, drop to the ground, summon the Batmobile and make your way through the gate.

When the elevator comes to a halt, proceed along the tunnel and stop in the centre of the large room. Locate the muddy slope to the left, activate Battle Mode then carefully work your way to the platform above. Drive over the green button on the floor to gain manual control of the Riddler's Blockades - this lets you shift the red and green panels around the room in and out.

Move the Batmobile onto the red square button nearby then trigger the Riddler Blockade so that the red panels pop out and the green panels go in. Next, drive backward to tilt the seesaw into position. When it comes to halt, hit the blockade button again to secure the ramp in place then drive up onto the platform ahead.

Hit the blockade button to move the panel on your right outward then turn to face it. In order to reach the other side of the room, you'll need to pop the central platform into place too. Exit the Batmobile, run down the ramp and stand on the green button from earlier. Next, return to your car, avoiding the red button as you go - otherwise the middle platform will vanish again.

Back in your vehicle, accelerate across the red platform. Once you reach the middle ledge, hit the blockade button to bring out the green panel and roll over to the other side.

From here, head right and move onto the closest end of the seesaw. Hit the blockade button to release the latches, causing your side of the platform to sink down. Bring the red panel out to ensure that the see-saw won't tip when you move then accelerate up the ramp. Activate your afterburner as you approach the end and immediately hit the blockade button again so that the green platform slides out and catches your fall.

When you land, enter Battle Mode and wind your way around to the right. Locate the junction box at the end of the walkway then fire your Power Winch at it. Next, rev your engine carefully to deploy an electrical charge. This lowers the platform that you're on, returning you to ground level.

To complete this part of the challenge, drive onto the bright green pressure plate next to the Riddler's screen. This illuminates a sequence of lights that you'll need to refer to soon.

Follow the prompt to switch control to Catwoman then survey the area ahead. Numerous glass cabinets have risen from the floor and each contains an identical key. To locate the correct key, you need to figure out which of the cabinets tallies with the red dot on Batman's screen.

Truthfully, it's a pretty easy puzzle to solve: just look for the single row consisting of three cabinets in Catwoman's vicinity - it's the one at the back of the grid from her starting position. Walk around the grid and face the row of three cabinets. The key you want, according to Batman's display, is in the right-most cabinet on the second row of the grid. Open the cabinet to complete the challenge.

This also unlocks the first of several doors around the orphanage, all leading to more challenges and keys - feel free to explore them at your leisure later.

Resume control of Batman then exit the cavern, riding back up the elevator and out onto the city streets. Next, take a left up the slope and another left at the top. Proceed along the road and take the first right. You'll shortly receive a radio transmission revealing that another kidnapped firefighter is the area. Come to a stop then activate the Line of Duty mission from your menu.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to complete the second part of Line of Duty.

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