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Batman: Arkham Knight - Two-Faced Bandit, Creature of the Night, Batmobile Sonar

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues with a guide to completing the Two-Faced Bandit and Creature of the Night missions.

Activate the Two-Faced Bandit mission and hop into the Batmobile. Follow the waypoint marker to Bleake Island, then disembark outside the bank. Make your way into the building and then, as the getaway truck comes crashing in, prepare for battle.

Thanks to the blaring security alarm, none of the goons in the area will be able to hear you approach. As such, there's no need for stealth in this mission - simply speed. You see, throughout the encounter, Two-Face's armed thugs constantly run between the bank vault and the getaway van, tossing money into the vehicle when they're close by. You can see how much money they've successfully robbed by looking at the meter on the top of the screen.

Start bringing the hostiles down and, when you've successfully eliminated most of them, Two-Face locks the doors and orders his men to abandon the robbery. Now, they're simply interested in killing you. Making matters worse, the alarm is disabled, meaning that your noisier attack will attract enemy attention once more.

Finish off the remaining thugs to complete the quest, then make your way outside. Note that you're now able to investigate the other bank robberies in Gotham by selecting Two-Faced Bandit from the mission select screen.

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City of Fear (continued)

Head to the Wayne Tower parking garage and collect the Ivy plant tracking device

When you're ready to continue with the main story mission, hop into the Batmobile and follow the waypoint to Wayne Tower. Park up on the glowing marker then, when the garage door opens, drive inside. Continue down to the parking garage, activate Battle Mode, then lay waste to the tank drones that swarm on in.

During this encounter, you'll confront standard drones, larger tanks and their missile-flinging brethren - and, sadly, there are a ton of enemies to get through. As such, it can be a tricky fight, especially in such tight confines. However, your general tactics should remain the same as always.

Note that your Missile Barrage is particularly useful during the battle (assuming that you can avoid being hit long enough to charge it), as is the EMP upgrade if you have it. Keep an eye out for incoming missiles, and use your Vulcan Gun to bring them down before they strike.

Once all drones are defeated, park up on the glowing marker nearby and prepare to receive your new Sonar upgrade, capable of subsurface topical imaging.

Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant on Miagani Island

As you prepare to leave the parking garage, Alfred alerts you to increased activity above ground. It seems that Arkham Knight's drones are being redeployed from Founders' Island, all across the city. In other words, expect much heavier resistance from now on as you roam the streets.

Immediately activate Battle Mode and follow the prompts to deploy your new Sonar. Take a look at the radar once you do and you'll see numerous tree roots appearing, stretching to the north. Still in Battle Mode, enter the tunnel to the north and follow it along, dealing with any drones patrolling the area. Intermittently fire your Sonar and proceed up to street level, heading toward the centre of the root cluster marked in red.

One you locate the centre of the root system, take care of any drones in the area then drive in close to your target. Next, hold down your Sonar until it shatters the earth, freeing the roots.

Protect Ivy's plant from the Arkham Knight's militia while it matures

With the roots free, Arkham Knight's men begin their assault, attempting to bring the plant down. To proceed, you'll need to hold off their attacks until the plant matures. Leap over to the occupied rooftop and begin laying waste to the militia soldiers. None of them are armed, but keep a close eye on the Brute in the area - and don't forget to use your Quick-fire Batclaw move to deal with any electrified opponents.

Once the fight is over and Ivy's tree is fully matured, Alfred sets to work running diagnostics on the militia forces in the area. However, the process will take a while so you've got some time to focus your efforts on completing more of your Most Wanted missions.

Creature of the Night

While you're in the area, you might want to consider tackling the first part of the Creature of the Night mission. You know that strange screeching sound that you've been hearing constantly on Miagani Island? That belongs to the giant bat that you disturbed earlier. The creature has been circling above the island all this time, so now seems like a good moment to hunt it down.

Take a sample of the creature's blood

This isn't quite as easy as it sounds, however. The creature is capable of moving surprisingly quickly through the air, meaning that locating it - let alone catching it - can be quite a chore. The most effective means of spotting it is to climb to the very top of one of tall towers on the island. When you're in place, scan the city below.

Once you've identified the beast, take flight and chase it through the air, using the target marker as a guide. Your goal is to sweep down from above and get in close - if performed successfully, Batman will wrestle the creature to the ground and take a blood sample.

With your task complete, Alfred identifies the blood as belonging to a Dr. Kirk Langstrom, whose lab is located in Chinatown. This opens up the next part of the Creature of the Night quest, should you wish to proceed. For now though, we'll continue on with the main story.

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