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Batman: Arkham Knight - Ivy, Cloudburst Device, GPCD Lockup, Botanical Gardens

Our walkthrough continues with a guide to hooking up with Ivy, scanning the Arkham Knight's Cobra, and destroying the drone.

Now that things have become a whole lot bleaker, it's time to return to Gotham City PD and speak with Ivy. Remember how she's immune to Scarecrow's toxin? Looks like that might be important after all. Return to street level and summon the Batmobile.

Meet with Ivy at the GCPD Lockup

Follow the waypoint marker through the city and, when you reach your destination, make your way down into the parking garage. Enter the Prison Detention area and wind along the corridor until you meet Cash at the front desk. Next, locate Ivy's cell and speak to her.

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Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens

It seems that Ivy can help, but she'll need assistance if you're going to make enough antidote to protect the city. Your first port of call is Gotham's Botanical Gardens - so hop into the Batmobile and begin making your way out of the parking garage.

Unfortunately, the final gate leading out onto the city streets doesn't open, and Cash quickly lets you know why. There's a massive Cobra drone tank roaming the area outside, so you'll need to proceed on foot to gather more intel. Duck under the partly-raised gate and Batman will hoist himself up onto the roof automatically.

Scan the Arkham Knight's Cobra drone to identify a weakness

Next, begin scrambling over the rooftops to get in close to the Cobra as it moves through the streets. When you're near enough, drop down and follow the prompts to scan the Cobra drone. You'll need to scan its left side, right side and rear to proceed - so dash on up (keeping behind its targeting lasers and trying not to get run over) and start scanning.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's Cobra drone

Once you've identified the drone's weakness (namely that it won't withstand a well-placed cannon shot up its exhaust), return to the Batmobile. Drive out into the streets and take a glance at the radar that's now on-screen - it shows both the Cobra's location and the direction it's facing. Activate Battle Mode and slip in behind the tank. When your weapons systems have locked onto the drone's rear, hit it with a blast from your cannon. One successful shot and it's gone!

Unfortunately, with that done, Arkham Knight deploys more Cobra drones out into the city. On the plus side, Lucius' next Batmobile upgrade is now ready for collection. Before you pick it up, however, there are a few things to do in the immediate area.

The Perfect Crime (Part 4)

Locate the burning Cauldron fire station nearby and park up by the entrance. You'll immediately hear the strains of opera music coming from a rooftop in the area. Hop on out of the Batmobile and grapple up to the roof of the Gotham Herald building to the north. Walk to the north-west ledge and drop down to the level below. There's another mutilated body strapped to the wall here so approach it and begin your investigation.

Activate your Deep Tissue Scanner and examine the strange mark on the victim's arm. Zoom into the muscle layer, then scan the object embedded beneath the corpse's armpit. Finally, close in on the skeletal layer and investigate the knee. That completes the next section of the quest.

Return to the Batmobile and hop inside. Turn to face the fire station, then enter Battle Mode. Target the fire suppression unit to the left of the main doors and launch your winch at it. Rev the engine to charge the cable and, when Firefly appears, give chase through the streets as before. Catch him and, once again, he'll manage to escape.

City of Fear (continued)

With those two sub-quests complete, you can turn your attention back to collecting the new Batmobile upgrade. Follow the waypoint marker to the drop-off point at the clock tower and drive through the garage door that opens when you pass beneath the bridge.

Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens

Once you've received the upgrade, resume your journey to the Botanical Gardens, heading in the direction of the waypoint marker.

Destroy the Cobra tanks on Miagani Island

As you reach Miagani Island, you'll be alerted to three more Cobra tanks in the area. You'll need to take them all out before you can proceed. Consult the radar and, as before, find a way to slip behind each one and fire a cannon shot to bring them down.

Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens

With all three tanks out of the picture, continue on to the Botanical Gardens. Park up on the glowing marker and exit your vehicle. Your next task is to locate the roots of Ivy's ancient tree. To do that, however, you'll need to pay Lucius a visit back at Wayne Tower.

Before you can continue, Alfred calls in to update you on two Most Wanted missions nearby. It seems that Nightwing has managed to locate more of Penguin's trucks as part of the Gunrunner mission. Meanwhile, several known associates of Two-Face are robbing a bank on Bleake Island. This latter mission forms part of the brand-new Two-Faced Bandit side-quest, so it's worth investigating immediately to get the ball rolling.

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