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Batman: Arkham Knight - electrified enemies, Batclaw, Glide Kick, Stagg's cell

How to survive the encounter with the electrified enemies and fight your way to Stagg's cell in Batman: Arkham Knight.

With that taken care of, grapple up to the ceiling and make your way back through the ventilation duct. Once you drop down into the corridor on the other side, hack into the security console ahead (spelling the word “Lipids”) to open the shuttered gate. This offers a shortcut back to the cargo hold, meaning you won't need to scramble beneath the floor again.

Pursue Scarecrow across to the second airship

Unfortunately, once the gate is open, you'll spy a large group of militia men gathered below. It seems that they're in the process of electrifying their combat suits to make landing punches a little more problematic than usual.

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Hop down to the ground and begin laying waste to the soldiers in the area. It's an easy fight but watch out for the electrified goon. You'll lose health if you hit him directly, so use your Quick-fire Batclaw move to deal damage until the charge wears off.

Once the fight is over, Lucius calls in to offer a choice of new Batmobile upgrades. Make your decision, then follow the waypoint marker over to the large shuttered door at the side of the room. Initialise your Remote Hacking Device and use it to override the security access panel to the left of the gate, spelling “Nucleic Acids”. Finally, make your way to the ledge then Glide Kick through the window of the airship opposite.

There are five unarmed soldiers and three sword-wielding enemies in the room beyond, so deal with them swiftly. When all opponents are out for the count, activate Detective Mode and locate the breakable wall nearby. Apply a dollop of Explosive Gel then hit detonate to bring it down.

Proceed into the next room and follow the corridor along. Override the airship stability controls once you reach them and glance left. On the other side of the glass window, you'll see a large crate just begging to be moved. Call up your Remote Hacking Device and tilt the ship back and forth until the crate builds up enough momentum to smash through the glass and disappear out into the night air. Hopefully nobody was standing below, eh?

With that taken care of, pass through the broken glass wall and approach the shuttered gate at the end of the corridor. Take a left then continue forward (ignoring the steps to the right), descending the staircase ahead. Follow the corridor along into the Containment Area and proceed to the end, using the terminals to access Stagg's research notes as you go.

There's a door to Biological Engineering to the left but, before you head on through, use the computer terminal ahead. This opens up cell number 5, granting access to the Riddler Trophy inside if you're collecting them.

Next, make your way into Biological Engineering and prepare to take out the roomful of goons. As Batman notes, eliminating the gunner Brute guarding Stagg's cell will draw a lot of attention - so deal with him last. Activate Detective Mode to locate all ten armed soldiers in the area.

Locate the stationary soldier standing on the platform to the left and grapple over to the pipe above his head. Take him out silently then drop through the trapdoor on the ground. When you touch down, drop through the next trapdoor and then, finally, drop through the grate into the air duct. Face the wall and look right. Before too long, another solider enters the corridor on his patrol route - stay where you are and take him out silently when he passes overhead.

Next, turn around and follow the vent into the centre of the room, moving beneath the wall as you go. Stop below the first grate that you reach then wait. Two soldiers patrol this area: the first drops down from the left and heads right, and the second arrives from the left carrying a box. Take the first guard out and, regrettably, Arkham Knight will command his goons to report in.

With your cover blown, wait for another guard to investigate the nearby body and take him out from beneath the grate. All patrols are thrown out of whack now, so you'll need to adapt your tactics on-the-fly if you want to avoid being shot. You'll find the large ventilation system running beneath the room especially useful during this portion of the fight as all opponents will eventually congregate on the lower level. Be warned that the deadly gunner Brute is also on the prowl now - stay clear of his position until all other enemies are down.

Once the Brute is out for the count, make your way up to Stagg's holding cell and speak with him to proceed. Finally, locate the door to the Cloudburst Chamber on your right and head on through. In the next area, make your choice then begin punching your way through the goons. Once Scarecrow approaches, follow the prompt to throw him through the air.

Rescue Oracle from Scarecrow's Safe House

After Scarecrow has made his inevitable escape, you'll learn that Oracle is being held in a safe house somewhere in Chinatown. Launch yourself over the side of the ship and begin the journey toward the waypoint marker. On your arrival at the safe house, drop through the roof and approach Oracle's holding cell. Once the cut-scene is over, make your way back outside.

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