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Batman: Arkham Knight - airship turrets, crates, CCTV, Evidence Scanner

How to take out Scarecrow's airship gun turrets, from shifting the crates around, to finding Stagg's authenticating prints.

In order to rescue Stagg, you're going to need to find a way to take out the gun turrets on Scarecrow's ship. Begin by locating the airship stability controls immediately to the left of the trapdoor, then override them.

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Destroy the weapon turrets on the second airship

Next, turn around and you'll spot that the large hatch on the floor has opened, revealing several magnetic crates in the cargo hold below the glass. To proceed, you need to create a path running from the area beneath the small trapdoor to the other side of the room.

Approach the glass and prepare to start shifting crates around. Leave the crate closest to the trapdoor as it is, then use your Remote Hacking Device to set the magnetic crate on the next row to red. Now, tilt the aircraft to the right and activate the first crate's magnet to lock it into place.

Next, walk forwards until you reach the four crates clustered together. Switch the red crate to green, then walk onward until you spot the lone crate snugly tucked into the gap on the right. Activate its magnet too, then tilt the craft all the way to the left.

Next, walk to the final lone crate beneath the glass - now on the left-hand side - and fix it in place. Turn around and return to the four crates that were previously clustered together. Switch the two green crates to red and tilt the ship all the way to the left. Finally, return to the trapdoor at the start of the course and drop on down.

Make your way beneath the glass and follow the newly-created route to the far end of the room. When you reach the trapdoor on the other side, hop on out and make a right, heading up the stairs. Follow the corridor around until you near the elevator, then use your Remote Hacking Device on the security access panel to the left. Twiddle the dials to spell "Carbohydrate", then step into the elevator car. Finally, grapple up the shaft to reach the next floor.

Proceed along the corridor to the right and, about halfway along, look up and locate the ventilation shaft high above your head. Grapple on up, then crawl to the end of the vent, removing the cover to gain entrance to the next room.

Sneak out onto the ledge and quickly activate Detective Mode to scope the room. Be careful, however: one of the goons in the area has a pesky scanning device and will home in on your position if you remain in Detective Mode too long. There are, it turns out, eight soldiers in the area, two of them stationary and six on patrol. There's an airborne drone to contend with too.

It's possible to complete the next section in a number of ways, but doing so while remaining undetected is pretty hard. Primarily, that's down to the flying drone roaming the area. Not only will it alert the guards to your position if it spots you, it also raises the alarm if it locates any bodies that you've felled. Unfortunately, attempting to take out its operator (stationed to the right, next to the guard at the computer terminal) immediately blows your cover, as does destroying the drone or using it to take down your targets after seizing control with the Remote Hacking Device.

That means you'll have to formulate your plan of attack on-the-fly as the situation unfolds. Thankfully there are plenty of platforms to hide on, and various trapdoors offering quick access to the levels below. There's even a long ventilation pipe running beneath the floor. Use your environment (and the many tools at your disposal) wisely and all eight opponents should be down in no time.

Once the room is clear, follow the waypoint marker up to the computer terminal and attempt to access the weapons control system. Unfortunately, that part of the software can't be used without Stagg's authentication - so you'll need to scan the area for prints to continue. Luckily, the CCTV footage stored on the computer might offer some clues.

Begin scrolling through the footage until Arkham Knight pulls Stagg out of his chair. From here, zoom in on the first camera feed and slowly wind forward as Stagg rolls along the floor. Shortly, he comes to a halt and presses his palms to the ground in an attempt to right himself. Stop the footage and select the square on the grid where his hands rest to scan the area.

Zoom back out then select the feed in the top-right corner of the screen. Wind through the footage until Stagg tumbles down the stairs. Stop the video as he places his hand on the ground, then scan the appropriate area. Next, zoom back out to the multi-feed view and select the feed to the bottom-left. Scroll forwards again until Stagg gets to his feet and touches the railing, then scan the image. Finally, zoom out and switch to the bottom-right feed. Wind forwards until Stagg is thrown to the floor, then scan the area where his hands fall.

Now that you've identified the most likely places to find Stagg's prints, you need to head to each of the four locations in turn and scan the area. As it happens, the first location is immediately to your left. Activate your Evidence Scanner and sweep the area above the trapdoor for prints - there's a hologram of Stagg there to guide you.

From here, descend the staircase ahead and stop halfway down. Activate your Evidence Scanner and scan the ground to retrieve more prints. Next, continue to the bottom of the steps then scan the railing nearby. Finally, take a left and then, once you reach the wall ahead, make a right along the walkway. Stop as you near the trapdoor to the right then scan the floor nearby.

A full set of prints is now yours! Return to the computer terminal and marvel as Batman uses the airship's weapons to destroy the turrets on Scarecrow's ship.

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