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Batman: Arkham Knight - Remote Hacking Device, signal puzzles, hacking words

How to get the Remote Hacking Device, unscramble the first set of hacking word puzzles, then rescue Stagg from the massive pack of henchmen.

Before you can proceed, you'll need to collect Lucius' updated Remote Hacking Device from Wayne International Plaza. Grapple back to the top of the watchtower then locate the next waypoint - it's at the very top of the tallest building to the west. Head on over then activate the storage vault craftily disguised on the rooftop.

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Collect the Remote Hacking Device from the top of Wayne International Plaza

Next, you need to make you way inside Stagg's airship, using your newly-acquired Remote Hacking Device to gain access through the service hatch. Approach the railing to the north-east and look downward - you'll immediately spot the airship below. Glide on down, then follow the waypoint marker along to reach the service hatch.

As the hatch is locked, you'll need to locate the control panel and hack in with your new toy. Activate Detective Mode and look down to the right of the hatch. Once you've located the security console, select your Remote Hacking Device and follow the prompts to deploy it.

Next, you need to unscramble the signal. Rotate the left control stick until your pad's rumble is at its strongest and the letters stop changing. Hold it in position, then do the same with the right stick, spelling the word “Biochemistry”. Successfully hacking the security console immediately opens the service hatch nearby.

Hop on through, then drop off the ledge onto the huge glass window. Turn around, then locate the ventilation cover in the wall. Finally, prise it away and creep into the area beyond. Drop down to the level below, then engage Detective Mode. You'll spot three hostiles, all armed, plus a flying drone in the large room on the other side of the glass.

Drop down through the grate, then deploy your Remote Hacking Device. Point the device at the guard controlling the drone, then activate it to download the security codes. Follow the prompts and incapacitate all three targets in the room.

Sadly, the large glass doors are locked, meaning that you'll have to find and hack another control panel to proceed. Make a note of the large biometric gate behind you (also locked, it turns out) then look through the window to the left. You'll spot the airship stability controls directly ahead and a security panel just to its right. Point your Remote Hacking Device at the latter, then complete the decryption process (spelling the word “Proteins”) to proceed.

Take note of the trapdoor blocked by the large crate on the platform ahead then pass through the newly-opened glass doors. Sadly, Stagg is nowhere to be seen so make a left, then another, to enter the room containing the airship stability controls. Approach the console, then override it. You're now able to manually adjust the position of the airship, but only if your hacking device stays in range of the control terminal - as indicated by the meter in the corner of the screen.

Next, access the stability controls and follow the prompts to tilt the airship. You want to pull backward so that the large crate blocking the trapdoor in the other room comes sliding toward you. Make your way back to the trapdoor, then drop on through. Once again, access the ship's stability controls and, facing the yellow ladder, tilt the aircraft to the left, shifting the blockage out of the way.

With the path clear, hop down to the walkway below, turn around, then descend to the lower level. In order to reach the passage behind the large magnetic crate in the centre of the room, pull out your Remote Hacking Device once more. Follow the prompts and turn the middle crate's magnet to green, then tilt the ship to the left. Next, toggle the magnet back to red and tilt the ship to the right. The passage is now clear so head on through.

At the end of the corridor, grapple up to the emergency exit and say hello to a brand-new enemy. This persistent Brute immediately charges toward you with his blades slashing through the air. To avoid them, pull back and hold the counter button. The moment your opponent's attacks stop, perform a Beat Down move, swishing him with your cape then pummelling him into submission.

Once he's down, approach the barred door overlooking the cargo bay and use your Remote Hacking Device to activate the security access panel to the right. The word you're aiming to complete, incidentally, is “Elements”.

Stagg is currently being held hostage below, guarded by a whopping 26 hostiles. Luckily, however, none of them are armed, so drop on down and take them all out with a spot of dedicated fist throwing. Be warned though: there's another blade-wielding Brute in amongst the fray so you should focus your attention on him first to make the fight a little easier.

When the room is clear, approach Stagg and engage him in conversation. As the men around you begin to rise, start taking them out one by one. Follow the prompts to struggle free when you're pinned to the ground then, once the chaos has subsided, head toward the small glass trapdoor in the floor at the end of the room.

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