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Batman: Arkham Knight - Stagg Enterprises, airship, watchtower

How to infiltrate the Stagg Enterprise airships and disable the watchtowers in the next part of our complete Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough.

Now that you've temporarily escaped the militia's clutches, it's time to head to Founders' Island. Unfortunately, the long-range radar and missile launchers in the area will detect and destroy the Batmobile the second it rolls on in. As such, you'll need to proceed without your trusty ride.

Before continuing with the main story, however, it's worth investigating the next mutilated body in order to progress The Perfect Crime quest. It hangs a short distance away from your current position.

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The Perfect Crime (Part 3)

Look north-west and locate the building with the large neon “Heavenly” sign emblazoned on its side. Swing on over and climb to the highest point on its rooftop. You'll immediately hear the strains of opera music, and should see another corpse hanging down nearby.

Approach the body and activate your Deep Tissue Scanner. Begin by scanning the strange mark on the victim's chest, then zoom down to the next layer. Locate the small dot on the corpse's left bicep and scan for more evidence. Finally, zoom down to the skeletal layer and scan the toes, completing the current quest sequence.

City of Fear (continued)

Identify a way to infiltrate the Stagg Enterprises airships

When you're ready, make sure the City of Fear mission is active, then grapple and glide towards the waypoint marker over on Founders' Island. Do your best to avoid the flying drones as you travel and, once you reach the rooftop garden, sweep the area below to locate the central command point. Proceed carefully: the guard nearby carries a gadget that lets him pinpoint your location if you remain in Detective Mode for too long - so use the ability sparingly.

Disable the watchtower guarding the airships

Grapple over to the top of the watchtower, then activate Detective Mode. Scan for hostiles in the area, but be quick - you've only got a few seconds before the device-carrying guard finds you, as indicated by the rising bar in the centre of the screen.

Scurry along the girder and locate the platform below. Two thugs begin the sequence here, but one quickly descends the ladder and starts his patrol on the lower level. Wait until he's out of sight, then drop down and silently take out the stationary guard.

Next, head south along the platform and stop near the edge. Look down to identify the lone hostile below, then take him out silently as he passes beneath you. Next, locate the grate on the ground nearby and very quickly activate Detective Mode. You'll see that another lone guard stands directly underfoot. This one controls the drone in the centre of the area, however - take him out last so as not to alert the other guards on watch.

Next, head north until you reach the end of the platform. Stand close to the grate on the floor and swiftly locate the goon patrolling back and forth on the lower level. Wait until he begins moving away from your position, then drop through the grate. Sneak up behind him and quietly take him out. You no longer need to fear using Detective Mode. Hooray!

As soon as you've eliminated the third thug, Arkham Knight demands that every hostile in the area reports in. That means that you've only got a few seconds before your cover is blown. Quickly move south along the platform and silently take out the guard controlling the drone. There's one last thug to defeat before the area is clear and he's standing to the south. By now, however, he'll almost certainly be on the alert so run on in and take him out quickly.

With the watchtower free of hostiles, drop down to the next level and deploy your Explosive Gel on the command console in the middle of the area. When the gel has detonated, all cameras and flying drones nearby will cease to exist.

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