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Batman: Arkham Knight - Knightfall, ending, statues

Our complete Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough concludes with a guide to saving Robin and Gordon.

If you're ready to proceed and surrender to Scarecrow, ensure that the City of Fear mission is active. Next, follow the waypoint marker toward Miagani Island and park up beneath the bridge. Exit the Batmobile, climb up the steps and enter the building.

Surrender to Scarecrow to save Robin and Gordon?

Make your way along the passage and turn right at the end. When the video message is over, drop your utility belt and gadgets onto the table then head through the doors to the right. Once the van comes to a halt, proceed along the alleyway and climb the dumpster closest to the fence. Scale the fence then drop down to the other side.

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Try entering the theatre or hardware store, then interact with the bodies on the ground. Pummel your way through the crowds and then, when prompted, kill your opponent to end the scene.

Shortly, you'll find yourself behind the wheel of a heavily-modified Batmobile. Let rip with your weapons and take out as many hostiles as you can. Next, follow the prompt that appears then exit your vehicle. Climb the steps in the corner of the room and pass through the door at the top.

On the other side, head along the corridor and take out Penguin. Next, make a right and follow the passage as it winds around. Eliminate Riddler and his friend then continue forward. Once you reach the desk, locate the small alcove to the left, then head through the doors at the end. Finish off Two-Face, then open the doors behind him.

When the lights go out, activate your flashlight. Turn around and head to the end of the room. Turn around, then follow the passage to the left. Once you reach the end, turn around and proceed left along the corridor. When you hit the wall, turn around and shoot the statue in your path. Continue forwards, moving toward the light.

Talk to Harley as many times as you can then shoot the urn. About-face then begin blasting the chairs blocking the passage to your right. When the path is clear, enter the tunnel and proceed to the end. Shoot the radio and take a few shots at the newspapers around the room. Finally, pass through the hole that appears in the wall.

Next, obliterate the statues that continually materialise around you as you move. Be aware that this part of the sequence can go on for quite a while before it ends. When the room clears, head toward the light and blast a hole in the wall. Make your way through and drop down onto the walkway.

Continue forward and yank the Exit lever at the end of the room. Start taking shots as Batman moves towards you then, once he's under your control, focus on eliminating your attacker. When he's down, follow the prompts to pick him up and throw him in his cell.

Apprehend Gotham's Most Wanted to initiate the Knightfall protocol

With Scarecrow finally defeated, the City of Fear mission comes to a close. However, there's still plenty of work to be done around Gotham before you can initiate the Knightfall protocol.

Get stuck into your remaining Most Wanted missions - and don't forget that there's a New Game + mode waiting in the main menu.

In other words, you've still got a long night ahead of you. Good luck, Batman!

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