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Batman: Arkham Knight - power generator, GCPD assault, Panessa Studios

How to stop the attack on GCPD, prevent the militia from shutting down the GCPD security systems and start investigating Panessa Studios.

In order to reopen the security shutters, you'll need to kickstart the generator outside the building. Return to the Batmobile and locate the inactive ventilation fan to the left of the GCPD sign. Initialise Battle Mode, launch your winch at the fan and pull it down. Next, exit your vehicle and grapple on up to the newly-created opening.

Investigate power generator to restore power to GCPD

Proceed to the end of the tunnel and grapple into the vent on the left. Follow the vent along, then push open the cover blocking your path. Drop down into the next room and grapple to the top of the elevator shaft. Next, pull yourself onto the ledge and head along the air duct. When you reach the grate in the ceiling, hop on out for a clearer view of the ambush.

Once you regain control of Batman, head left along the beam and climb onto the decimated rooftop. Make your way to the west-facing side of the building and look down over the edge. It seems that the primary generator has been completely destroyed. Luckily, there's a backup generator close to the parking garage, so it's time to head back inside.

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Access GCPD parking garage to power up backup generators

As luck would have it, the entrance to the parking garage is directly below your current position. Locate the waypoint marker and drop off the roof. Before you touch the ground, you'll need to disable the flying drone. Hit it with your Remote Hacking Device, then make your way down to the street. Finally, slip through the partly-opened parking garage door.

Continue along the tunnel and take out the goons gathered around the generator. Watch out for the guards with Stun Sticks and be extra vigilant around the shielded Brute. You'll want to bring him down as soon as possible with an Aerial Attack Beat Down combo - but, to do that successfully, you'll need to clear a bit of room.

Once every hostile is out for the count, approach the generators along the wall. Access your Remote Electrical Charge and use it to power up all three generators. When the blast door to the left opens, run down the ramp and return to the Batmobile. Hop on in then race up to street level, ready to take on the drones congregating outside.

Stop the assault on GCPD

Immediately deal with the flying drones outside the tunnel then speed into the fray. You'll face all the usual suspects here (albeit in unusually large numbers) including standard tanks, their larger brethren, plus homing missile launchers too.

As ever, avoid taking damage and, once your Missile Barrage gauge is full, launch a multi-missile strike to devastate your foes. Note that Oracle provides assistance throughout the battle, intermittently hacking into enemy drones. When this happens, shoot the tank highlighted onscreen to launch an an EMP-style attack that temporarily immobilises nearby opponents. One shot at the stationary drones should immediately cause them to explode.

Stop the militia from disabling the GCPD security systems

When all 62(!) drones have been eliminated, Scarecrow airdrops more thugs onto the rooftop nearby. Exit the Batmobile and grapple on up. Next, you'll need to defeat three increasingly tricky waves of opponents to complete the mission.

The good news is that you've more assistance from Oracle during the fight. Pummel your opponents to fill your dual takedown gauge then approach any of the glowing blue areas in your immediate vicinity. Follow the prompts and Oracle will initiate a powerful environmental attack.

During the first wave of hostiles, concentrate on taking the Stun Fist Brute out first by hitting him with your Remote Electrical Charge and landing a Beat Down. Next, quickly deal with the shielded goons before eliminating the remaining thugs. You'll need to work quickly to thin their ranks before the next wave arrives - or you'll likely be overwhelmed.

Wave two sees you tackling medics, electrified opponents, sword-wielding thugs and standard goons. The final wave, meanwhile, consists of generic hostiles, medics, plus bladed and Stun Fist Brutes. Take the medics out first (to prevent them from reviving or electrifying their comrades) then focus on the Brutes. Finally, eliminate the remaining hostiles to complete the objective.

Investigate Gordon's appearance at the Panessa Studios

Before you're able to celebrate your victory, Oracle picks up a strange signal back at the Panessa Studios. It seems that Gordon's voice-print has been identified in the area.

Hop down to ground level and summon the Batmobile. Climb on in then follow the waypoint marker toward the movie studios. Park up at the base of the rock then grapple onto the rooftop. Finally, enter the VIP elevator to proceed.

Push the elevator button to reach the lower level then make your way into the quarantine area. Approach Robin's cell then, once Scarecrow's transmission is over, return to the roof. Drop down to the ground and climb back into your vehicle.

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