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Batman: Arkham Knight - protect Oracle, Missile Barrage, Jack Ryder, servers, medics

How to protect Oracle, prevent Scarecrow's thugs from destroying the servers, then catch up with Oracle back at GCPD.

Once you've made it back down to earth, you're immediately ambushed by Scarecrow's drones. Keep cover behind the rapidly disintegrating wall and, when the prompt appears, summon your shiny new Batmobile into the fray.

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Protect Oracle

This beast of a machine features of host of new upgrades, including an improved weapons generator which can fire a dizzying number of homing missiles simultaneously.

Immediately enter Battle Mode and launch a Missile Barrage at the tanks racing toward your position. Once all 24 tanks are down, follow the arrows toward Batman's location then park on up. With Batman under your control again, carry Oracle down the steps and help her into the car.

Take Oracle to GCPD

As soon as you're back in the driving seat, follow the waypoint marker over to Gotham City Police Department. Drive down to the parking garage and come to a stop.

Stop Scarecrow's militia from destroying Oracle's servers

Next, you need to stop Scarecrow's goons from destroying Oracle's servers back at the clock tower. Before you do however, pay a quick visit to the Interview Room adjacent to the holding cells. When you arrive, listen to the tape machine on the table. It seems that Jack Ryder has got himself into trouble at the Lady of Gotham statue. This adds the Lamb to the Slaughter Most Wanted mission to your already-heaving roster.

For now though, return to the Batmobile and make you way up to street level. Next, follow the waypoint marker towards the clock tower. As you draw near, two snipers emerge on the rooftops surrounding the tower. Take them out with suppressing fire to proceed.

When the area is safe, exit the Batmobile and grapple on up to the clock tower roof. Perch on the railing facing north-west and look down at the ground below. There are ten armed thugs (plus one flying drone) patrolling the area, and you'll need to eliminate them all to gain entrance to the building. Once you're ready to begin the assault, glide down to the corrugated rooftop overlooking the chequered tiles. Next, leap onto the yellow tarpaulin to the south-west.

You should be intimately familiar with the area around the clock tower following your earlier adventures - but there's the building's interior to worry about now too. There are three levels to explore inside the tower, all connected by a single elevator shaft and joined by a complex system of ventilation ducts. Combined, these make it super-easy to travel discretely between levels. Better still, it's possible to creep on into the building through ventilation covers on the exterior walls. In other words, you've numerous options to help you sneak around unhindered.

You should begin the encounter by locating and eliminating the white-clothed medic goons in the area. If you don't, they'll continuously revive their fallen comrades, making for a lengthy fight. Next, focus your attention on the deadly mini-gun Brute to reduce the chances of him catching you by surprise. You should also be mindful of the drone patrolling the rooftop area as you proceed - and consider disabling its sensors with your Remote Hacking Device.

When all hostiles have been eliminated, follow the waypoint marker to the tower's third floor. Next, activate the control console to reboot Oracle's servers.

Meet with Oracle at GCPD to analyse the data

Now that Oracle's servers are back online, she's able to start looking for Commissioner Gordon. Hop into the Batmobile and return to Gotham City Police Department. When you arrive, make your way through the parking garage and head back to Oracle. Find out what she's learned, then prepare for battle as Scarecrow's forces launch an attack on the building.

Stop the assault on GCPD

Return to the parking lot and board the Batmobile. Immediately enter Battle Mode and eliminate the enemy troops that swarm the area. Once the parking garage is completely clear, you'll automatically progress to the next objective. If nothing happens, it's entirely possible that there are still a couple of goons still hiding in the area. Exit the Batmobile and hunt them down.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to survive the GCPD assault.

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