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Batman: Arkham Knight - excavator, explosives, rescue Gordon, deadly gas

How to destroy the Arkham Knight's excavator using the explosives, rescue Commission Gordon, then confront and apprehend Scarecrow.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for Arkham Knight to bust free and continue his pursuit. You're going to need to find a way to take down his vehicle if you want to escape the tunnel system alive. Immediately glance at the radar on your screen to get a clearer picture of the area.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's excavator

Dotted around the tunnel network, you'll spot three orange rectangles located at the end of three longer passages. Each of these passages is lined with a variety of obstacles, ranging from ramps to rotating fans. At the end of each tunnel lies a explosives-riddled area - just like the one you encountered a short while ago.

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Your task, then, is to attract the Arkham Knight's attention and, once he gives chase, immediately guide him toward the explosives, avoiding the obstacles as you go. You'll need to move swiftly, however: if the excavator catches up with you, it's game over. Each time you successfully lure Arkham Knight into the explosives, you're given a few moments to catch your breath. Once the excavator appears again, repeat the process, guiding Arkham Knight along the next tunnel.

When you've managed to lead your target down all three tunnels, quickly head toward the exit, as indicated by the green rectangle on your map. Once Alfred raises the blast door, head through. On the other side, engage Battle Mode and fire your Power Winch at the hook point on the ceiling. Pull backward and prepare for the excavator's return. As soon as you regain control of the Batmobile, turn around, drive beneath the hole and exit your vehicle to rocket up the shaft to safety.

Track down Gordon and work with him to take down Scarecrow (continued)

Next, locate the brick wall nearby and grapple up the shaft overhead. You'll emerge in another passage so continue forward. Once you reach the ledge at the end, pull yourself up, then sneak along the vents until you're standing beneath the goons.

Initiate a Fear Multi-takedown (aiming for the white medic thugs if possible, to make things a little easier) then clear the rest of the room. When peace is restored, approach Commissioner Gordon and untie him from the chair.

After the Arkham Knight has made his big entrance, he'll take up a sniping position on the Vantage Point at the back of the room. Your next task, then, is to reach him without being spotted. Turn around and locate the golden bird-shaped Vantage Point overhead. Grapple on up, then zip over to the vent on the right.

Slip down beneath the floor, then follow the ventilation system around until you're close to the foot of the escalators. Wait below the grate and carefully watch Arkham Knight's targeting system as it sweeps back and forth. As soon as it moves away from your position, pop out and quickly sprint up the steps. When you're directly beneath Arkham Knight's sniper spot, grapple on up.

Unfortunately, your target vanishes in a puff of smoke, appearing on another Vantage Point further into the room. Worse still, you'll now have to contend with thugs and a flying drone as you make your way to Arkham Knight's new position.

Immediately use your Remote Hacking Device to disable the drone, then drop to the ground. Next, grapple along the Vantage Points to the left until you're perched above the lowest part of the room. Drop down to the floor, deal with the guard patrolling the area, then duck into the nearby grate.

Feel free to be as loud as you like now: the more noise you make, the more likely it is that the remaining goons will come to investigate the area. Use the ducts beneath the floor to pop up and take them down. Keep an eye on the drone and, if it threatens to reactivate, disable it again.

Next, head past the escalator and carefully climb the steps to the right. Duck behind the pillar at the top and glance over to the area beneath your target. There's another handy ventilation system here, so wait for the Arkham Knight's targeting beam to sweep on by, then run in and drop through the grate. Work around the air ducts until you're positioned directly below the Vantage Point, then quickly leap out. Finally, grapple on up to confront your opponent again.

Sadly, the battle still isn't over. Once Arkham Knight vanishes, a countdown begins. You've got 30 seconds in which to reach the next room before deadly gas is released. Grapple onto the golden Vantage Point ahead, then grapple through the hole in the wall.

On the other side, there are more thugs to clear out. As before, disable the drone in the area then set about bringing down the patrolling guards. Be careful, however: thanks to the goons' optic deflection armour, you won't be able to use Detective Mode to locate them through walls.

Once Arkham Knight's thugs are down, head to the upper level and carefully approach his sniping spot. Duck behind the stone railing then, as the targeting laser sweeps the other way, quickly sprint beneath his Vantage Point. Finally, grapple on up.

Regrettably, the Arkham Knight manages to flee once more. To escape the gas, quickly grapple over to the golden Vantage Point ahead, then make your way through the vent in the wall.

As the next wall slides open, you'll spot two sentry guns and a flying drone patrolling the area directly below Arkham Knight's new position. Grapple onto the golden Vantage Point to your right, disable the flying drone, then observe the sentry guns carefully. As soon as their targeting beams start moving away from you, drop down to the escalator below.

Quickly run up the steps and duck behind the large crate to the left. From here, you need to move down the middle of the room, slipping from cover to cover while all three targeting beams are pointing the other way. As soon as you're beneath the Arkham Knight, grapple on up.

When the cut-scene ends, untie Commissioner Gordon and deal with the thugs that run on in. Pay particular attention to the Brute with the electrified fists. Before you can take him out, you'll need to hit him with a Quick-fire Electrical Charge. Follow that up with a cape swish and a Beat Down. Once the fight is over, make your way into the elevator nearby.

Confront and apprehend Scarecrow

Hit the elevator button to climb the shaft and, once you reach the rooftop, watch the scene unfold.

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