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Batman: Arkham Knight - lever, rotating generator, explosive vest, drill platform

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues with the first part of our guide to tracking down Gordon and taking out Scarecrow.

Now that the Remote Electrical Charge is in your possession, return to the Batmobile and make your way back to street level. Follow the waypoint marker to Miagani Island (dealing with the drones that attack) and enter the abandoned shopping mall. Park up outside Killinger's Department Store and exit your vehicle.

Track down Gordon and take down Scarecrow

Locate the circular service hatch on the ground nearby and jump on down. Next, make your way along the corridor and stop once you reach the electrified water. Your Remote Electrical Charge has two main functions: it can either power up or disable generators that you encounter. In this particular instance, use it to disable the generator in the water.

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Now that it's safe to proceed, head along the passage and, once you reach the gate blocking your path, turn around. Power up the generator in the water again to open the gate then continue along the corridor. Finally, grapple up to the air duct and slip beneath the floor.

You'll emerge directly beneath a room full of soldiers. Creep along until you reach the grate then activate your voice synthesiser. Next, command one of the guards to push the button on the wall. Once the shutters open, initialise your Batmobile Remote and use your vehicle's weapons to eliminate the thugs. Resume control of Batman and pop out of the grate. Next, tamper with the fuse box in the south-west corner of the room.

Access the lever behind the cracked wall

Once the nearby shutters open, approach the enormous ventilation chamber and swing on up to the beam overhead. You need to reach the lever beyond the cracked wall in order to proceed - but a lack of solid ground makes it impossible to deploy your Explosive Gel. Instead, activate your Batmobile Remote and launch a missile directly at the wall. Resume control of Batman then glide on through the newly-created hole. Finally, pull the lever to lower the bollards outside.

Activate the Batmobile Remote once more and drive into the room ahead. Enter Battle Mode, locate the anchor point in the ceiling then hook on with your winch. Next, roll forward and slowly lower the car down the shaft wall. Locate the big '02' sign overhead and fire a missile at the breakable wall nearby.

Find the rotating generator

Leave the Batmobile dangling and resume control of Batman. Grapple onto the beam in the centre of the chamber and zip up through the freshly-created hole. Next, locate the rotating generator in the room and overload it with several blasts from your Remote Electrical Charge device.

Activate your Batmobile Remote again and descend past the inactive fan. Point your aiming reticule at the far wall (just above the '04' sign) and fire a missile at the breakable section. Immediately take out the goons that wander over to investigate.

Return to Batman and drop down onto the inactive blades. Next, glide down to the beam directly above the whirring fan. Grapple through the newly-created hole, proceed along the tunnel and immediately take a right. Next, grapple onto the ledge above the lobby door and fire an electrical charge at the generator on top of the elevator car.

Once the car comes to a halt, drop on down and make your way inside. Locate the generator on the floor and hit it with an electrical charge. When the car stops, smear Explosive Gel on the breakable wall. Detonate it then prepare to take on two Stun Stick-wielding goons. Follow the prompts to release a Quick-fire Electrical Charge at them and swiftly bring them down. Once the coast is clear, destroy the fuse box to open the gate.

Head on through and locate the generator behind the window on the left-hand wall. Next, you need to find a way to reach it. Continue around the room until you spot the lone bollard then enter the passage beyond. Grapple up onto the beam above the red curtain, then fire an electrical charge at the generator on the right to electrocute the guards below.

Drop on down and proceed to the end of the corridor. Tamper with the fuse box on the left and approach the elevator. Don't step inside just yet; instead, fire an electrical charge at the generator in the floor to raise the elevator car to the upper level. Drop down to the bottom of the shaft then grapple up to the ledge directly above the barred door.

Disarm the explosive vest

Prise open the vent cover then activate Detective Mode. There are 21 unarmed guards in the next room so shimmy out onto the beam. You need to deactivate the leader's explosive vest to proceed so follow the beam along until you're directly over his leader's head. Next, use your Disruptor to electrify the two weapons crates on the left and right sides of the room.

Drop down behind the screen, about-face and approach the curtain. Follow the prompts to disarm the leader's explosive vest. Finally, take out the remaining goons in the area and remember to use your Quick-fire Electrical Charge to disable their Stun Sticks. One last note: focus your fists on the white-clothed medic thugs first - otherwise they'll continue to roam the area, reviving their chums.

Once all hostiles are down, locate the fuse box near the sealed doors in the corner of the room. Rip out the wires, then enter the passage beyond the newly-opened doors. Take a right and follow the corridor along until your reach the large hole ahead.

In order to destroy the breakable wall, you'll need to bring the Batmobile down to your current position. You won't be able to do that, however, until you've successfully lowered the drill platform in its path. Drop down to the ground and enter the room adorned with militia flags.

There's a doorway to the right but you'll need to deal with the sentry gun behind the grille to the left first. Bring up your Remote Hacking Device and peak around the grille until the gun is in sight. Disable it then race through the now unguarded door. Finally, grapple up the elevator shaft before the sentry gun comes back online.

In the next area, look left to locate the industrial generator. As before, pull out your Remote Electrical Charge and keep blasting the generator until it overloads. Next, activate your Batmobile Remote and, once you're in control of your vehicle, descent further down the shaft. When you reach the drill platform, release your winch.

How to bring down the drill platform

In order to move the drill platform down, you need to enter Battle Mode and attach your winch to one of the four hook points around the room. When you're connected, start pulling backward to lower the drill, making sure that you're to the left of the central pillar. Continue pulling until the drill hits the bottom of the pit and comes to a halt. Next, detach your winch and proceed along the nearby tunnel, taking out the sentry on the left with your Vulcan Gun.

Switch back to Batman, drop down the elevator shaft and climb into your vehicle. Return to the drill platform and attach your winch to a hook point once more. Next, pull back again, ensuring that you're to the right of the central pillar this time.

As you move upward, keep watch for the breakable wall. When you spot it, stop moving and detach your winch. Smash the wall with a well-placed missile then drive along the tunnel. At the end, exit the Batmobile and interact with the fuse box on the right to raise the security door.

Board your vehicle again and race along the passage, screeching up walls to avoid the obstacles lining your path. Fire your afterburner at the top of the ramp then, once you hit solid ground, ready yourself for some high-speed, drill-shaped terror.

As Arkham Knight begins his pursuit, quickly turn around and start thundering along the tunnel. Fire your afterburner to reach maximum speed as quickly as possible. Dodge the blockades and avoid Arkham Knight's devastating homing attack.

Before long, you'll reach a series of explosives-rigged walls. Once the explosives detonate, Arkham Knight's excavator will be trapped behind the fallen debris.

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