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Batman: Arkham Knight - Scarecrow's toxin, Sergeant McAllister, Remote Electrical Charge

How to find out what happened to Poison Ivy, find Sergeant McAllister, and bag the Remote Electrical Charge in Batman: Arkham Knight.

With the drones down and Ivy's plants working hard to clear as much of the toxin as possible, it's finally time to take on Arkham Knight's Cloudburst Tank. Locate the waypoint marker and follow it back to Bleake Island.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's Cloudburst Tank

Once Alfred has raised the bridge, focus on eliminating the swarm of Cobra Tanks guarding the Cloudburst. They're as persistent as ever so use the tunnel system running beneath the streets to slip behind them. It'll also come in handy if you find yourself surrounded and need to make a hasty retreat. Be aware that the Cloudburst Tank is patrolling the area too, so stay out of its way.

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Once all six Cobra Tanks are down, turn your attention to the Cloudburst Tank. Regrettably, the Cloudburst doesn't have the same weaknesses as the Cobra units so you'll need to scan it to identify a point of attack. Enter Battle Mode and follow the prompt to activate your updated scanner. Draw in close to your target and carefully strafe around it to avoid being detected by its beam. Once the scanner has located a weak point, lock on and launch a missile.

Immediately, the Cloudburst will turn to attack so exit Battle Mode and tear of out of its vicinity as fast as possible. Be warned that its weapons are horrendously powerful (although its Overcharge attack depletes over time) so avoid getting hit at all costs. Once it gives up the chase, slip on it to land another strike. You'll need to take out all of the coolant lines to disable the Cloudburst's cannon, so proceed with caution and repeat the process until it's destroyed.

With the main cannon offline, begin throwing everything you've got at the Cloudburst's glowing weak spot. Keep some distance, however, as you'll need space to bring down the barrage of homing missiles that launch throughout the fight. Also be sure to stay clear of the circles on the ground to avoid the tank's standard missile strikes. Keep on attacking until victory is yours.

Investigate what has happened to Poison Ivy

After you've pummelled the Arkham Knight into submission, it's time to find out why Poison Ivy has gone quiet. Scarecrow's toxin is quickly reclaiming the streets so you'll have to abandon the Batmobile for now. Grapple and glide toward the waypoint marker then touch down beside the plant. Finally, check on Ivy and watch as the toxin cloud dissipates.

With the streets safe once more (relatively speaking), Alfred suggests that you take some time to finish up a few of your Most Wanted missions. If you'd rather continue with the main story quest, however, it looks like Gotham City PD might have a promising lead.

Speak to GCPD Communications Officer

If you're ready to proceed with your main objective, ensure that the City of Fear mission is active then board the Batmobile. Follow the waypoint marker to GCPD and enter the parking garage. Work your way through the building and proceed to the Communications Room behind the Maximum Security desk. Finally, speak with Sergeant McAllister.

Collect the Remote Electrical Charge from the GCPD Evidence Room

Once you've decrypted Gordon's message, exit the Communications Room and make your way to the Evidence Room nearby. Approach the cabinet at the end of the area and break the glass to retrieve your new Remote Electrical Charge device.

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