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Batman: Arkham Knight - Drescher graveyard, Ivy's plant, Sonar Burst, Port Adams

How to track down Poison Ivy's plant, access the subway network at Port Adams, and then protect the plant from the local militia forces.

Use the arrows on the road to find your way over to the island, then immediately enter Battle Mode and deploy the Sonar. Begin following the roots through the streets, intermittently firing your Sonar to locate the point at which they converge. That place, it turns out, is the graveyard in Drescher.

Use the Batmobile Sonar to locate and release Ivy's plant

Once you're directly above the root system, follow the prompts to fire a Sonar Burst. Unfortunately, the ground's too thick to do any good here. You'll need to find a way to get closer to the root system - and, as luck would have it, Alfred manages to locate an access elevator in Port Adams, leading down to the subway system below.

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Gain access to the subway network via the elevator at Port Adams

Follow the waypoint marker through the streets and pull up once you reach the container yard. When the gate opens, head on in and begin laying waste to the militia tanks inside. Note that you'll also have to contend with a number of missile-spewing drones flying overhead, so don't forget to watch the skies!

Once the first wave of drones is defeated, head around the area perimeter until you find a ramp on the south-west side. Deal with the nearby missile launcher then use the ramp to reach the centre of the container yard. Unsurprisingly, there are more tanks to deal with when you touch down. Take them all out, then follow the waypoint marker over to the elevator entrance.

Enter Battle Mode, hook your winch onto the spinning reticule then pull back to open the doors. Next, locate the generator inside the lift and use your winch to rev it into action.

Once you complete your descent, drive down to the parking garage, activate Battle Mode and fire your Sonar to continue your hunt for Ivy's roots. Start by making your way along the nearby tunnel and pick up speed as you go. You'll need to be travelling as fast as possible in order to race up the walls and dodge the gates blocking your route forward.

Eventually you'll reach a flooded tunnel adorned with militia flags. Unfortunately the path forward is blocked by a sturdy blast door. Hop on out of your vehicle, then locate the grate to the left of the tunnel. Drop down then pass beneath the sealed door. On the other side, you'll immediately spot an active tank directly ahead. Activate your Remote Hacking Device and use it on the drone's targeting system to disable it temporarily.

Leap out of the ventilation duct and quickly move down the tunnel, running passed the blinded tank. Shortly after passing the Phase 3 sign scrawled on the left-hand wall, duck behind the wall to the right. Engage Detective Mode and survey the scene in front of you.

There's another tank patrolling the tunnel ahead and a second one stuck in an alcove to the right. Wait for the first tank to close in on your position then, as it begins to move away, slip out from behind the wall and carefully move further along the tunnel. Hang to the right and stop just before you reach the alcove. Still in Detective Mode, wait until the stationary tank's turret is facing away from you then quickly dive around the corner and disable its targeting system.

Hide behind the incapacitated tank and wait for the drone in the tunnel to approach. As soon as it moves away again, dash around the corner and disable its turret. Note that you can only hack one tank at a time - so it's vital that you move out of range of the first before disabling another.

Continue following the drone along the tunnel and, as you near the four tanks clustered together nearby, grapple up onto the beam above. Directly ahead, against the back wall, you'll see the lever you need to pull to open blast door.

Bypassing the four tanks is actually easier than it appears. Wait until the patrolling tank behind you moves away, then drop off your perch and glide forward, quickly grappling onto the next overhead beam. Next, grapple over to the beam on the right. Turn around and locate the small hut on the right below. Swiftly glide on through the door and yank the lever.

With the blast door raised and the Batmobile Remote engaged, guide your vehicle along the tunnel and obliterate the drones in your path. Once your car has reached the end of the tunnel, resume control of Batman then locate the next security gate up the nearby ramp. Dash on over, yank the lever and get back into the Batmobile.

Continue along the tunnel network until you reach the raised ramp. Next, pull up beneath the window on the right-hand side. Eject out of your seat to smash on through the glass, then pull the lever to unlock the cargo ramp. Return to your vehicle, back up a little, then race up the ramp to access the upper tunnel. Proceed forward and, when you reach the next set of blockades (and the worryingly large hole in the ground), speed on up the walls to reach the other side.

Keep moving forward until you pop out onto the subway tracks then come to a halt. In order to cross the water to the right, you'll need to adjust the ramp ahead using the lever further along the tunnel. There's one thing you should do first, however: enter Battle Mode, carefully climb the small incline to the right then position yourself on the highest end of the seesaw-like ramp.

Next, get out of your vehicle and make your way to the water's edge. Grapple over to the building above the Phase 2 sign, pull yourself onto the platform then yank the lever nearby. Immediately, the weight of the Batmobile will cause the ramp to seesaw downward. Pull the lever again to lock it into place. Finally, return to your car and climb inside.

Reverse a little then accelerate up the ramp, clearing the water and touching down on the other side. At the end of the tunnel, race up the escalator to the right then come to a halt at the top. Engage Battle Mode and fire your Sonar once more. You'll immediately spot that the central root system isn't too far away. Continue down the tunnel, take a right then smash through the large wooden boards ahead. On the other side, proceed until you reach the incline.

Before heading up, fire your Sonar once more. You've finally made it to your destination, so hold down your Sonar to rouse the plant from its slumber. As it thunders upward, you'll be returned to the surface with yet more work to do.

Protect Ivy's plant from the militia forces while it matures

As before, you need to hold off Arkham Knight's forces until the plant has matured. Almost immediately, you'll be set upon by an enormous number of drones (33 to be exact!), including tanks, missile launchers and their flying brethren. As always, you'll need to remain vigilant, avoiding their targeting systems and shooting down any homing missiles that manage to lock on. The good news is that you'll be assisted by Ivy and her killer roots throughout the battle - provided that you remain within the confines of the graveyard.

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