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Batman: Arkham Knight - Albert King, Christina Bell, Johnny Charisma, sound stage code

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues with a guide to putting Albert King, Christina Bell and Johnny Charisma back behind bars.

With the Joker Infected loose in the studio complex, Batman places the entire area on lock-down. Albert King, Christina Bell and Johnny Charisma are each hiding out on one of the studio's three sound stages - your next task is to track them down.

Return the Joker Infected to their cells

Make your way along the corridor to the right with Robin in tow. Ignore the music box playing on the ground and head through the large double doors at the end. Proceed down the steps and stop as the path branches off in three directions. The routes to the left and right merely lead back to the central area, so head on down the middle corridor.

Once you reach the statue in the centre of the room, you'll see three doors leading away from the area. There's a different sound stage behind each one, so you'll need to visit them in turn to apprehend the Joker Infected and complete the mission.

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Apprehend Christina Bell in sound stage B

To begin, make your way down the corridor leading to sound stage B and activate Detective Mode when you reach the large wooden doors. Seven unarmed hostiles shoot the breeze on the other side. Push on through and bring them all down with a little bit of help from Robin.

Once the area is clear, follow the waypoint marker into the next room and move round the corner around to the right. You're immediately set upon by a Mini-Gun Lieutenant, intent on preventing access to the next area. You'll need to get a drop on him from behind if you want to proceed.

Grapple up to the Vantage Point overhead (it's the gargoyle-like platform overlooking the room), then turn to face your opponent. There's another Vantage Point directly above his head so grapple on over then quietly drop down to the ground. Sneak up behind your target and hit him with a Dual Team Takedown to proceed.

With the goon out of the picture, continue along the corridor and pass through the doors at the end. Rather wonderfully, you'll find yourself on the set of an old haunted house movie. Less wonderfully, there are ten armed hostiles in the area - including one with a mini-gun.

You'll need to take them all out if you want to apprehend Christina Bell - and you're free to call in Robin whenever you need assistance. Turn around and swing over to the scaffolding ahead. Wait for the first thug to pass underneath, then silently take him down. You'll immediately discover that Christina is viewing the whole show and, once the first guard is down, she'll alert the remaining thugs to your presence. From now on, the majority of goons will constantly roam the area.

You'll find the air ducts running beneath the floor as valuable as ever during the encounter, particularly given that they offer access to a significant portion of the map. In fact, it's worth hopping into a grate immediately after bringing down the first guard. Next, deal with any hostiles that mosey in to investigate the area.

The mini-gun Brute and his friend remain stationary at the top of the exterior haunted house steps throughout the battle. To reach them, locate the yellow staircase opposite the scaffolding you landed on earlier and head on up. At the top, locate the ladder to the right and climb that too. There's a room with a desk and a director's chair ahead, so slip on in and approach the nearby ledge. Look down and you'll spot the mini-gun Brute and his pal.

Use your Disruptor to temporarily disable their weapons and carefully drop down behind them. Take out the big guy from behind (with a little help from Robin), then smash the second thug into submission. Once you do, more hostiles (including two with mini-guns) spill into the area.

Conveniently, Batman relocates to his original position when they appear - so sit tight and wait for them to fan out across the room. Next, locate the first mini-gun thug and use the Disruptor to disable his weapon. Sneak on up then finish him off with another Dual Team Takedown. Hunt out the second mini-gun goon and eliminate him with a little more help from Robin. Once the big guys are out of the picture, neutralise the remaining hostiles to proceed.

With safety restored, follow the waypoint marker up the large staircase and head through the doors at the end. Counter Christina's attack, then wait for Robin to collect her unconscious body. Finally, leave the sound stage and return to the statue in the central room.

Apprehend Johnny Charisma in sound stage C

Next, make your way along the passage toward sound stage C. As the corridor bends around to the right, stop and engage Detective Mode. Another mini-gun thug keeps watch behind the security gate so you'll need to find a way to slip past without being spotted.

Turn around to face the exit sign, then grapple into the vent above your head. Follow it along until you drop down into a small room on the other side of the barred gate. Activate Detective Mode and locate the breakable wall. Smother the wall in Explosive Gel and hit detonate - this brings down the wall and knocks out your mini-gun-toting friend in the process.

Hit the button to open both security gates then proceed along the corridor. Examine the man in the wheelchair and, once the lights come back, head through the doors toward sound stage C.

Continue along the passage and approach the next set of doors. Investigate the keypad to the right and wait for Henry to send over the CCTV footage of the area. Next, cycle through the video footage until you see Johnny entering the security code. Fortunately, while he's smart enough to conceal the keypad with his body, he hasn't taken the nearby mirror into account.

Select the second box down to the right and zoom on in. Next, call up the keypad and wind through the footage, entering Johnny's code as you go. There's quite a large gap between the first and second digits so you might need to wind back further than you think. Additionally, remember that everything is reversed thanks to the mirror. The code you want is 0539.

With that taken care of, make your way through the newly-unlocked doors. On the other side, Johnny stands centre stage, adorned in a beautiful bomb vest. As Batman notes, there are also five other bombs in the room. Step up onto the stage, then prepare for a musical interlude.

For the next part of the challenge, you'll be in control of Robin. Once he drops down from the vent at the back of the room, immediately begin disabling Johnny's five bombs. It's imperative that you complete your task without being spotted. If your cover is blown, Johnny will cut the song short and detonate the bombs, ending the mission. As such, you'll need to stick behind cover, only moving when Johnny - stood on the rotating stage - is facing away from you.

Head left and approach the first bomb. Follow the prompt to disarm it, then carefully sneak down the steps when Johnny's gaze is elsewhere. At the bottom take a right and locate the second bomb on top of the yellow barrels. Hide behind them and disarm the bomb.

When the coast is clear, continue right until you reach the back of the room. Hop onto the platform, take out the next bomb, then move to the right again. You don't have long to slip behind the next set of barrels so move quickly. Disarm the fourth bomb then continue to the right. Finally, hide behind the last set of barrels and disable the bomb to secure the area.

To bring proceedings to a close, hop onto the stage and sneak up behind Johnny while his back is turned. When you're in position, take him down.

As Robin carries Johnny's unconscious body back the quarantine zone, return to the statue in the centre of the main area. As a treat, Batman requests that Alfred prepare a new Batmobile upgrade (the Weapons Generator Mk III to be specific) ready for collection when the mission is over.

Look toward sound stage A and you'll see that numerous hostiles have congregated behind the locked security gate. Head on over then activate Detective Mode. Locate the grate on the ground then follow the duct backward until you spy a second grate. Hop on in then scurry back toward the gathered goons. When they're in sight again, activate your Voice Synthesiser and instruct one of the guards to push the button on the left-hand wall.

Apprehend Albert King in sound stage A

Once the gate is open, wait for the thugs to enter the room, then trigger a Multi-takedown as they pass overhead. Deal with any remaining thugs in the area, then move down the corridor toward sound stage A. Push the button on the right-hand wall and, when the route is clear, pass through the doors ahead. Examine the sheet hanging down in the centre of the room.

Once the lights come back on, proceed through the doors a second time. In the next area, Albert King and his thugs challenge you (and Robin) to a no-nonsense brawl. Walk on up and give Albert a tentative whack in the chest to start the fight.

This is a pretty easy battle if you know the trick. First, smack around the goons in the area until your Dual Team Takedown gauge is full. Next, approach Albert King and initiate your dual attack. Follow the prompts to repeatedly punch him in the gut, continuously countering his incoming attacks. If you're hit, you'll need to charge your gauge again (don't worry about running out of thugs - they'll keep on coming) and start the process over. When Albert's finally out for the count, finish off the remaining goons to complete the mission.

Next, leave the sound stage and work your way all the way back to the quarantine zone. As you near the entrance, you'll see that Harley's thugs have sealed the security gate, preventing access to the corridor beyond.

Return to the large area with the statue in its centre and hop on into the ventilation duct. Next, scurry beneath the floor and head toward the gathered goons. Activate your Voice Synthesiser and command one of the thugs to press the button on the wall to the left.

When Harley appears, wait for everyone to pass overhead. Next, Harley begins circling Robin in the centre of the room. As she moves between you both, initiate a Dual Team Takedown. Finally, deal with the remaining hostiles in the area, paying close attention to the knife-wielding Brute. Once peace is restored, pick up Harley and make your way back to the quarantine zone.

With the cut-scene is over, head inside the empty holding cell. When Robin leaves the area, investigate your new accommodation then turn to face the window. Look around again, exit the cell, then approach the centre of the room. When the lights are restored, glance around until Robin beckons you back into the cell. As you approach, hit your counter button and shove Robin inside. If you choose to enter the cell instead, the sequence will repeat until you make your escape.

Equip a new secondary weapon for the Batmobile

Before you can continue on with your mission to bring down Scarecrow, you'll need to collect a shiny new upgrade for your Batmobile. Ride the elevator back to the rooftop, then drop down to ground level. Once you're safely ensconced in your vehicle, follow the waypoint marker to the collection point. Enter the garage to receive the Weapons Generator Mk III, increasing the Batmobile's offensive and overcharge abilities.

With your upgrade complete, Batman calls up Alfred for a progress report. It seems that the Batwing still hasn't located the Cloudburst. However, two new situations have arisen in Gotham: firstly, unusual seismic activity has been detected on Miagani Island. More worryingly, Lucius is missing in action. Alfred suggests paying Wayne Tower a visit to see what's wrong. Once the conversation is over, the Friend in Need Most Wanted Mission becomes available.

Friend in Need

Investigate the loss of contact with Lucius Fox and search his last known location at Wayne Tower

Activate the new Friend in Need mission and follow the waypoint marker toward Wayne Tower. You can expect an increased militia presence as you go, so remain vigilant. To enter the tower, you'll need to use the access lift in the underground parking garage at its base. Once you arrive, climb into the elevator and make your way to the top floor.

After you emerge from the elevator (looking rather dashing, it has to be said), pass through the reception area and enter the office ahead. Approach the computer on your desk and use the Retinal Scanner. When Lucius enters the room, use the Retinal Scanner again.

When you've slipped back into your Batsuit, exit the elevator and make your way into the office again. It seems that your old foe Hush is behind Lucius' disappearance, and he's adamant that you bring him Bruce Wayne. As you close in on his position, watch carefully: as soon as he points his gun at you, hit the counter button. If you're too early, Lucius is a goner - too late and your fate is sealed. Once your target is down, the mission is complete.

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