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Batman: Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn, Joker Infected, Voice Synthesiser, Robin

How to stop Harley Quinn in her tracks by using the Voice Synthesiser to cause merry mayhem amongst all of the guards.

Exit the clock tower and return to the street. Immediately board the Batmobile and follow the waypoint toward the Panessa Studios in the north-east. Disembark once you reach the marker at the foot of the rock, then grapple up onto the studio roof. Approach the elevator entrance, then take care of Harley's goons huddled outside - two are armed and another carries a blade.

Stop Harley Quinn from taking the Joker Infected

Once the area is clear, attempt to open the elevator door. Unfortunately, Harley has tampered with the locking mechanism and your voice print no longer registers. To proceed, you'll need to replicate her voice using your Voice Synthesiser.

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After Harley's voice sample is loaded, follow the prompts to modify the sample pitch and wave modulation until the distortion is eradicated. At any point, you're able to verify the voice print to see how authentic it is. To complete the task, move the sample pitch slider to the far left, then shift the wave modulator to the very top. Follow the prompts to open the door.

After Harley's men have dispersed around the rooftop (and laid down a few sentry guns for good measure), you'll need to clear them out in order to proceed. From here on in, you're able to select an enemy and use the Voice Synthesiser to direct them to a new location. A word of warning before you begin, however: the area you need to neutralise is enormous, covering multiple levels. What's more, there are eleven armed hostiles to deal with, including a powerful mini-gun Brute on the walkway to the north-east.

First, you need to separate the three thugs standing between the sentry guns below. Head to the south-east side of the tower and drop on down. Next, target one of the thugs and send them off to a secluded spot using the Voice Synthesiser. When they're suitably isolated, silently take them down. With the first goon out of the picture, the other two thugs begin wandering around. Use the environment to keep out of sight and pick them off when they're least expecting it.

Don't rest up just yet: there are still eight more thugs to go - all roaming the large area to the north-west. This slightly bewildering segment of the map features a labyrinthine interior (including another sizeable ventilation system), plus numerous walkways and rooftops overhead. The good news is that there are plenty of isolated spots to lure your opponents towards.

You'll need to be extra vigilant if your cover is blown at any point during this section. Once the guards are on high alert, they'll begin deploying new sentry guns and proximity mines around the area, making progress that much harder. Try not to stray into the path of either (and watch out for the vicious gunner Brute roaming around) and methodically eliminate your remaining foes one by one.

Once all hostiles are out for the count, return to the elevator entrance and disable the two sentry guns nearby. Next, head into the building and ride the elevator down.

Your descent might last longer than expected, but don't panic: after a short while you'll come to a halt. When you do, continue along the corridor and prepare to be acquainted with the new shielded enemy variant. Follow the prompts to perform an Aerial Attack.

Once he's down, deploy the Voice Synthesiser on the voice-activated lock to open the gate. Next, fearlessly step into the fray. Here, you'll need to eliminate 15 hostiles, including standard thugs, shielded goons and one Brute. Luckily, you've help from Robin during the fight. As in previous dual battles, you're able to switch between characters at will.

When the room is clear, interrogate the apprehended thug to find out where Harley has taken the Joker Infected.

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