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Batman: Arkham Knight - Cobra tanks, missile launcher, Deep Tissue Scanner

The next part of our complete Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough explains how to deal with the Cobra tanks and beat down those Brutes.

You'll need something that can pack a punch if you want to destroy the missile launcher - something like, say, the Batmobile. Once you automatically gain control of your vehicle, start guiding it through the streets ahead.

Take out the long range missile launcher

Almost immediately, the first of three large Cobra tanks crosses your path. Enter Battle Mode and use the on-screen radar to sneak around the back and destroy it with a well-placed cannon shot. Next, circle the buildings in the centre of the area to obliterate the remaining two tanks.

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Once you've eliminated the first couple of Cobras, Arkham Knight deploys two more. Unsurprisingly, you'll need to bring these down too in order to proceed. Continue picking them off from behind (don't forget to check out the upper level if you're struggling to find them) and, with all five Cobras defeated, slip the Batmobile back into standard drive mode, Finally, follow the waypoint marker towards the missile launcher.

In order to reach your target on the building above, come to a halt near the yellow ramp and enter Battle Mode. Next, deploy your Power Winch at the hook point and pull the ramp backward.

When you do, the action automatically returns to Batman in the watch tower. Arkham Knight's goons have swarmed the control room but, luckily, Batman has given them the slip. Proceed along beneath the floor and launch a Multi-takedown from below. Once the first few soldiers are down, Batman will lunge towards Arkham Knight - who, of course, promptly disappears.

When he's gone, focus on bringing the remaining hostiles down. Be careful though: there are a large number of thugs in the area and a limited space in which to move. To make matters worse, some opponents wear electrified armour, and there's a knife-wielding Brute to deal with too. Use a Beat Down to take out the Brute first, then clear the rest of the room.

Re-activate the computer terminal and the action switches to the Batmobile once more. Finish pulling the ramp into position, then accelerate towards it, firing your afterburner at the end. When you touch down on the other side, enter Battle Mode and slip up the ramps. As you near the top, immediately begin hurling cannon shots at the missile launcher on the opposite building. Thrust aside to dodge its lock-on attacks and keep on firing until it's down.

With the missile launcher no longer a threat, resume control of Batman and head outside. Next, glide over to the Batmobile and prepare for the next leg of your adventure. What that entails, however, is up to you: Alfred has some data analysis to complete before you can continue, so complete a few more Most Wanted missions to progress the story quest.

Gotham on Fire (Part 3)

As it happens, there's another burning fire station in Otisburg, a short drive to the south-west. Make your way over (using the billowing smoke clouds overhead as a guide) then park up outside the fire station doors. Activate Battle Mode, launch your winch at grid power access unit, and rev your engine to bring the fire suppression system back online.

When Firefly appears, give chase through the streets, avoiding his fire trails as you go. Once you close in on his position, eject from the Batmobile to drag him to the ground then smack him around a bit. Don't be too disheartened when he manages to flee.

The Perfect Crime (Part 5)

Before you leave the island, there's one more Most Wanted mission worth investigating. Bring up your map and locate Drescher on the east side of Founders' Island. There's a church here, visible on your map as the large lone building standing close to the docks.

Head on over and park up by the church's east-facing wall. Climb out of the Batmobile and start running north, passing by the graveyard. As you reach the graveyard gates to your left, you'll hear the familiar strains of opera music drifting through the air. Immediately look right and locate the illuminated corpse hanging on the wall.

Grapple up to the body and activate your Deep Tissue Scanner. Begin by scanning in the tattoo mark on the victim's left leg. Next, zoom down to the muscle layer and scan in the lump near the corpse's left-hand hip. Finally, access the skeletal layer and scan in the metal plate on the victim's skull. Once that's done, this portion of the quest is complete.

City of Fear (continued)

Return to the Oracle's Clock Tower to review the Batwing scans for the Cloudburst device

When you're ready to continue, activate the main City of Fear mission again and follow the waypoint marker all the way back to the clock tower on Bleake Island. Park up, then grapple onto the tower's roof, using the secret entrance to slip inside the building.

Yank on the Shakespeare bust and, once the room has transformed, use the computer terminal. Unfortunately, the Batwing still hasn't managed to locate the Cloudburst - but there's little time to worry about that now. As you ponder your next move, an urgent message arrives from the movie studios. It seems that Harley Quinn is back in town - and you're going to need to get over there fast if you want to stop her from releasing the Joker Infected in your care.

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