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Batman: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst, relay drone, Drone Hacker, radio towers

How to reach the relay drone, destroy the Arkham Knight's radio network, and then obliterate the long-range missile launcher.

With Alfred's diagnostics now complete, it's time to see find out more about Arkham Knight's defences. Board the Batmobile, follow the waypoint back to the movie studio and park up when you reach the ground marker. Leave your vehicle, then grapple up the rocks and onto the building rooftop. Once you locate the VIP elevator, head inside and ride down to the quarantine zone. Finally, activate the Batcomputer to continue.

Glide onto the relay drone and examine it

You'll need to deploy the Batwing over Founders' Island if you plan to locate Arkham Knight's Cloudburst. Unfortunately, that's far too dangerous while his radio towers and missile launcher are still active in the area. Looks like you're going to need to take them out!

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When you're ready to continue, ride the elevator back up to the roof and make your way outside. Jump down to ground level and then board the Batmobile. Next, follow the waypoint marker toward Founders' Island. You can expect an increased militia presence as you tear through the streets, so be ready to take out any drones that cross your path.

You'll soon learn that the bridge to Founders' Island has been raised, forcing you to do the remainder of the journey on foot. Cross the river and continue toward the waypoint marker.

As you near the waypoint marker, you'll notice that it's actually tracking a flying drone. You'll need to find a way to reach the drone in order to rip out its relay chip and proceed. Grapple on up to any of the taller towers in the area then carefully glide on down to the drone. When you're close enough, drop onto its shell and steal the device inside.

You now have access to the Remote Hacking Device's Drone Hacker ability. enabling you to temporarily "blind" drones in your immediate vicinity. You'll find it very handy once your quest to disable Arkham Knight's radio towers is properly under way.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's radio network (1/2)

Your first target lies immediately to the west. Follow the on-screen prompts and use your upgraded Remote Hacking Device to disable the drone scanning the area. You've got 60 seconds before its radar comes back online, so grapple over to the main tower as quickly as possible.

Approach the radio control panel in the centre of the area and smother it with Explosive Gel. Detonate the gel, then swiftly make your escape before the drone's coverage is restored. That leaves one radio tower to go.

Destroy the Arkham Knight's radio network (2/2)

Next locate the waypoint marker on the second tower and grapple over, coming to a rest at the top of the large yellow crane. Regrettably, Arkham Knight's goons know that you're on the way now, so you can expect more resistance this time around.

Look down (engaging Detective Mode if it helps) and examine the area below. You'll spot nine hostiles stood on the rooftop nearby - four soldiers, four Combat Experts and one Brute. Leap down and take them out quickly. When the area is safe, look west and locate the fuse box on the wall. Interact with it to open the doors below.

Next, return to the centre of the rooftop and peer through the grating underfoot. There are two sentry guns in the corridor below, so use your upgraded Remote Hacking Device to disable the gun facing north. You've only got 15 seconds to reach the radar control panel below before the sentry gun comes back online - so quickly leap over the railing to the north, turn around when you touch down, then run along the corridor to safety.

Destroy both sentry guns from behind, then smear Explosive Gel on the control panel. Detonate it to deactivate the radar.

Take out the long range missile launcher

That just leaves the island's long range missile launcher to deal with, so hop off the building and sail on over to the next waypoint marker. Aim to land on highest point of the building, overlooking the missile launcher to the east if you can - that way, you'll be able to assess the route ahead without fear of being disturbed.

Once you're in position, activate Detective Mode. There are eight hostiles in the area below your feet - and all of them are armed. More problematically, one enemy carries a signal scanner, meaning that you'll need to keep your Detective Mode sessions brief if you don't want to be found.

Grapple onto the highest of the three beams to the east and drop carefully drop down to the lowest one. This places you directly above the missile launcher. Drop down to the ground and hide behind the launcher's east-facing side. That way, the guards patrolling the area won't spot you.

Face west, engage Detective Mode and quickly locate the three guards on your level. One patrols anti-clockwise around the area, passing through the door on the right and emerging from the door ahead. The second guard moves between the far-left corner of the level and the tunnel to the left of the missile launcher. Meanwhile, a third soldier (the one with the signal scanner, no less) remains stationary in the back-right corner of the area.

Wait for the first guard to emerge from the central doorway and take him out silently before he disappears through the door on the right. Next, sneak through the middle door and immediately duck into the ventilation duct on the floor. Look south and, as the next patrolling goon moves east, close in behind him and take him out from below.

When he's down, dive back under the grate and wind beneath the floor until you reach the signal-detecting guard. Silently eliminate him and Arkham Knight will order his troops to report in.

As per usual, this places the remaining enemies on high alert, causing them to actively move around the area in search of your location. From here, then, you're on your own. The good news, of course, is that you can now use Detective Mode without fear, so that should make hunting down your prey a little easier.

Once your opponents have spotted their fallen comrades, they'll likely all congregate on the lower level. Wait for them to spread out, then begin dashing through the ventilation system, picking them off one by one. If Arkham Knight instructs his goons to flush you out of the floor, however, be ready to leap from the grate and hide until the blast has dissipated. Once it has, you're free to hop back down and continue unleashing terror from below.

With all guards eliminated, return to the missile launcher. As Batman notes, you'll need to lower its shields before it can be destroyed.

Lower the barriers protecting the missile launcher

Next, you need to reach the control room near the top of the building, two floors up. Locate the waypoint marker and head towards your destination. Once inside the control room, activate the militia uplink terminal to lower the missile launcher's shields.

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