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Batman: Arkham City has old 3D for HDTVs

As well as stereo-flashy-face 3D.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Batman: Arkham City supports flashy new stereoscopic 3D as well as old-as-cobwebs bi-colour 3D.

That means "all high definition TV sets" will be able to display 3D providing you're wearing silly cardboard glasses, probably - they may be plastic now.

Warner Bros. said glasses will be "available for the video game". Whether or not they'll be bundled with the game remains to be seen.

If you own a 3DTV and active shutter glasses then you can enjoy Arkham City in modern, stereoscopic 3D.

On PC, 3D will be limited to owners of Nvidia's 3D Vision package.

Batman: Arkham City won't be released until late October. If you want to play the game before then, get your bat-bottom to the Eurogamer Expo 2011 at Earl's Court in London in September.

You'll be Robin yourself of a great time if you don't.



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