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Batman: Arkham City details emerge

New gadgets! New combat! Catwoman!

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Some new details regarding forthcoming PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 title Batman: Arkham City have slipped out.

According to US magazine Game Informer (as read by IGN), the game is set one year after Arkham Asylum. Warden Quincy Sharp is now mayor of Gotham and he's built an even bigger, better facility titled Arkham City.

It's being overseen by psychiatrist Hugo Strange. Inmates are forbidden to try to escape, but other than that there are no rules and anything goes within the boundaries of the facility.

Arch villain Two-Face is confirmed to be appearing in the game, while the Joker will make a return. Catwoman will team-up with Batman and provide a bit of romantic juju, but it's not clear whether she's really up to no good.

Batman will begin the game with all the weapons and gadgets he acquired in Arkham Asylum. New upgrades will be available later, along with new gadgets like the Bat Claw, handy for grabbing things that are out of reach, and a broadcast tracker.

Extra combat moves will include simultaneous counters and projectile counters. You'll also be able to use gadgets in battle - spraying explosive gel at baddies, for example.

On top of all that you can expect loads of side-quests, even trickier Riddler trophies and a wider range of enemies.

Batman: Arkham City is out this autumn.

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