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Bastion PC release date announced

XBLA hit on Steam later this month.

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade highlight Bastion launches on PC from 16th August, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has announced.

The Supergiant-developed action RPG will set you back £11.49 on Steam, before, according to the announcement, "becoming available on other popular PC portals later this month".

It's the same game that picked up a richly-deserved 8/10 from Eurogamer earlier this month, though boasts a revamped PC control scheme.

Sorry PlayStation 3 users, there's still no word on whether you'll ever see a release. Earlier this month, creative director Greg Kasavin had this to say on future ports:

"Being a small team we have decided to focus on developing the game serially, so we focus on one version at a time. So our focus at the moment is on the Xbox launch, then we have the PC launch. We'll see what happens after that but there are no confirmed PSN plans at this point."

For more on the title, refer back to our Bastion review or treat your peepholes to the lovely launch trailer below.