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Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest roadmap has mysteries all the way into December

UPDATE: Tomorrow's big update detailed.

UPDATE 8/11/21: Today brings a clearer sense of what to expect in this week's Assassin's Creed Valhalla update 1.4.0, which will be made available to download tomorrow. It will weigh in at 25GB on Xbox Series X/S, 20GB on Xbox One and PC, 6.75GB on PS5 and 4.55GB on PS4.

This download will include the previously teased Tombs of the Fallen, which Ubisoft describes as "puzzle-focused tombs" that will indeed, as expected, focus on the game's mysterious Odin runes.

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The Oskoreia Festival, dubbed Odin's Wild Hunt, will be available from 11th November to 2nd December. This adds horseback riding and a fighting tournament against spirits as mini-games, new and "spooky rewards".

Finally, three new skills will be added. These include Perfect Parry, which deals additional damage if timed right, Master Counter Roll, which lets you use your Hidden Blade when counter rolling, and Improved Bow Stun Finisher, which now shoots arrows at all stunned enemies in view. For everything else coming to Valhalla in 2020, see below.

ORIGINAL STORY 5/11/21: Ubisoft has shared a "sneak peek" of its latest Assassin's Creed: Valhalla development roadmap, confirming dates for a number of still largely mysterious additions due before the end of year, the first arriving next Tuesday, 9th November.

Tuesday, which is one day prior to Valhalla's first anniversary, sees the release of the game's 1.4.0 update - a version number that would suggest, based on previous form, some significant additions. After all, Valhalla's 1.2 update introduced Ireland, while 1.3 ushered in Paris.

However, Ubisoft is so far remaining rather coy about what 1.4 will bring, teasing some kind of swirling blue portal with no accompanying explanation on its roadmap. We do know a new game activity, the recently sighted Tombs of the Fallen, will also be included in the update, but this too remains largely mysterious - although fan speculation has pondered if it may see the return of early Assassin's Creed games' Price of Persia inspired platforming segments.

The 'sneak peek' of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's latest roadmap.

Valhalla's next notable occurrence takes place a few days after 1.4.0's arrival, with the launch of the Oskoreia Festival limited-time event, running from 11th November to 2nd December. Again, there's not much to go on right now, but the name at least is based on the folk myth of a monstrous Viking Wild Hunt led by Asgardian raiders, and sometimes Odin himself.

Last on the current roadmap is Valhalla's 1.4.1 update, arriving sometime this December. Again, details are scarce to the point of non-existent but a squint at the accompanying image is appropriately festive, suggesting last year's Yuletide event will return in some form.

Beyond December, specifics of Valhalla's future are even more murky, although we do know that - thanks to the game's enormously successful launch - a second year of expansions is on the way, likely sending players to the realm of Muspelheim based on Ubisoft's previous teases. Hopefully the publisher will be ready to share more on all of the above soon.