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Assassin's Creed Valhalla extends current festival, adds new sword

As fans wait for Year 2 news.

Assassin's Creed fans are keenly waiting for news on Valhalla's upcoming second year of additions - but will have to wait just a little longer.

With Valhalla's one-year anniversary now passed, Ubisoft is still to say exactly what the next year will bring. In the meantime, the game's current Oskoreia Festival event has been extended a week until 9th December.

This is good news for anyone still grinding festival tokens for the last few rewards (the werewolf combat challenge is your fastest route to the most tokens, I've found), such as Eivor's headdress made out of bones, or the rather spooky skeleton raven.

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If you're done already, a new community challenge this week unlocks Basim's sword after 250,000 worldwide kills using a one-handed sword. All you need is to contribute at least one kill, then the blade is yours.

Beyond the festival, all Ubisoft has officially announced so far is a new title update (v1.4.1) coming sometime in December, which will return snow to Ravensthorpe for a second year running.

Of course, we know there's plenty more for Valhalla on the way - and past leaks have pointed to at least two potential additions.

Next year is expected to bring at least one big expansion, with clues spotted in the game's Trophy list suggesting its name will be Dawn of Ragnarök.

There was also a spoilery leak which suggested Ubisoft is planning the return of a major Assassin's Creed character, as part of an unprecedented crossover.

Last month, Valhalla received the first in a series of fresh tombs, which added some funky lore and mildly-challenging puzzles.

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