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Assassin's Creed fans hit out at Valhalla's "extremely overpriced" microtransactions

"This is not okay, especially not for a game that costs sixty goddamn bucks."

Assassin's Creed fans have hit out at developer Ubisoft for having as many armour sets in its premium store as it does in the "entire base game", available "only to people who are willing to spend money on extremely overpriced microtransactions".

In a reddit post blasting Ubisoft, a Valhalla fan opined that the developer "just keeps adding and adding ridiculous shit to the microtransaction store, just milking the whales of their money with content that only a very small percentage of players will actually get to enjoy".

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The post - which has been upvoted over 5000 times - adds that while some of it is "cosmetic stuff", "it actually affects gameplay and is in some cases rather overpowered".

"There are 9 armours available that you can acquire through normal gameplay and wear in the base game," u/Zuazzer wrote. "This does not include the Vinland outfits (which are exclusive only to a very small area of the game), the useless default tunic you begin with, the legacy Bayek outfit available from the Uplay reward system (which is an outfit, not an armour set) or the armour set available through buying amazon prime. It also obviously does not include the weekly selection of stuff from the microtransaction store that you can buy from the in-game merchant Reda.

"Us other players, even those among us who spent over a hundred dollars on the collector's edition, have gotten very little content over these last few months. Like, all we've really gotten is a nice but kind of lacklustre event, and a bunch of bugfixes.

"Why isn't everybody talking about this? Only a few years ago, people would have raised hell if a games company did shit like this. This is not okay, especially not for a game that costs sixty goddamn bucks."

Commenters in the thread reflected on the series' two prior instalments, Origins and Odyssey, but purport the issue appears to be more egregious this time around, drawing unflattering comparisons to Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which was eventually forced to remove all microtransactions entirely.

As yet, Ubisoft has not responded to the thread nor commented publicly on the issue.

ICYMI, Ubisoft recently released a big bug-squashing update for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The game's 1.1.1 update is light on new features but heavy on fixes, with dozens of common issues crossed off.

Among those that stood out for Tom in a quick scan down its very long patch notes are solutions to the bug experienced by numerous people which saw them permanently stuck in their Halloween-esque Mari Lwyd disguise even after completing that quest arc. Ubisoft Connect achievements have also been fixed, and should correctly unlock the next time you perform any achievement-related action past the unlock condition.