Pokémon Unite Tier and Pokémon List: All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster and Supporter tier lists explained

Which Pokémon should you use in Pokémon Unite?

Our Pokémon Unite tier lists will help you decide which Pokémon you should pick - be it an All Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster or Supporter Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite is a strategic team battle game, so you need to ensure that your choice will work alongside your teammates. It's a good idea to experiment with a variety of playstyles, so you're always ready to adapt.

Below you'll be able to find our Pokémon Unite tier list, which is subjective, along with how to unlock Pokémon in this game.

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Pokémon UNITE Launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21!

Pokémon Unite tier list explained

Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are divided into five categories - All-Rounder, Attacker, Defender, Speedster and Supporter. Despite this, there are still a number of Pokémon which stand out against the rest.

Here are the top tier Pokémon for Pokémon Unite, along with their categories, based upon our experience with the game:

  • Lucario - All-Rounder
  • Venusaur- Attacker
  • Snorlax - Defender
  • Gengar - Speedster
  • Blissey - Supporter

Below you'll find tier lists for each Pokémon category, which contain more information about the individual Pokémon, and, please remember, these are subjective, so you may have different preferences.

All-Rounder tier list for Pokémon Unite

All-Rounder Pokémon in Pokémon Unite have a close balance of offense and endurance, which helps make them reliable fighters.

At the time of writing, there are four All-Rounder Pokémon in the game - Charizard, Machamp, Dragonite, Lucario, Garchomp. and Tsareena Charizard is one of the Pokémon Unite licenses you can choose from after completing the tutorial.

Here is the tier list, going from highest to lowest, for All-Rounder Pokémon in Pokémon Unite:

Thanks to a high Mobility stat, Lucario can rush up to Pokémon and unleash powerful attacks like Extreme Speed, which deals a good amount of damage very quickly, and Bone Rush, which makes it easier to perform other moves.
With its powerful moveset and excellent mobility, Tsareena is battling Lucario for the top All-Rounder spot. If you specialise in crowd control, then this one Pokémon you should consider trying.
The combination of Dragonite's Unite Move and Dragon Dance turns Dragonite into a true force of power on the battlefield and, when used currently, can turn the tide of the match.
Thanks to a number of patches, Charizard finally has the right moveset needed for a good All-Rounder choice. Moves like Fire Punch finally give it the required power, but you'll still want to evolve it quickly.
Garchomp now has the ability to be a deadly force no matter where you are in its evolution stage and is perfect for tackling foes like Zapdos. This makes it perfect for snatching a victory!
With a strong basic attack, backed with some powerful moves, Machamp can break through the enemies defences and cause a lot of damage.

Attacker tier list for Pokémon Unite

Even though they have low endurance, Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are the creatures which can deal a heavy amount of damage to their opponents - be it in close combat or at a distance.

At the time of writing, there are six Attacker Pokémon to choose from - Venusaur, Pikachu, Alolan Ninetales, Gardevoir, Greninja, Sylveon, DecidueyeCinderace and Cramorant. Pikachu is one of the Pokémon Unite licenses on offer after you complete the tutorial.

Below you can find the Attacker tier list, going from highest to lowest, for Pokémon Unite:

Thanks to recent updates, Venusaur is now one of the best attackers in the game. Not only does it have powerful attacks, but Giga Drain and Petal Dance allow it to easily self-heal.
Thanks Pikachu's long range and ability to stun, it's quite for causing damage to lone Pokémon. Pikachu also is ideal for newcomers.
Sylveon has a great balance of offensive and defensive stats; its attacks allow Sylveon to lower a foe's stats while restoring its own health. Empowering its mobility stat can make it even more deadly.
Greninja is very weak in the early stages of a match, so, if this is your preferred choice, focus on levelling up quickly to unleash those powerful moves, backed by the Mobility stat, during the end game.
With the combined power of long range attacks, high Mobility and the ability to burn opponents, Cinderace can be a deadly force on the battlefield. Just make sure you aim your attacks correctly and level it up quickly in the early game by fighting wild Pokémon!
Alolan Ninetales
Alolan Ninetales can freeze nearly every enemy in its track, forcing them to stand still as it knocks down their health - just make sure you keep an eye on that health bar! Base your move choices on whether you want to score goals or fight back foes.
Once Cramorant led the Attacker Tier list, now, thanks to changes with its Unite move, it has fallen far. It can still deal a good amount of damage, but you will a good amount of practise to properly use this Pokémon.
While Decidueye has a range of very powerful attacks at its deposal, its low mobility lets this Pokémon. Make sure you have mobility items attached if you're going to use it.
Gardevoir does require an amount of practise, but, once mastered, it's powerful ranged attacks allows you to cut through both wild and enemy Pokémon. Its early game has been scaled slightly to make it easier to play.

Defender tier list for Pokémon Unite

Defender Pokémon, as the name suggests, are designed to protect their fellow teammates from attacks in Pokémon Unite.

At the time of writing, there are three Defender Pokémon on offer - Blastoise, Slowbro, Snorlax, Mamoswine, Crustle and Greedent - and Snorlax is one of the Pokémon Unite licenses you can choose from after completing the tutorial.

Here you'll find the Defender tier list for Pokémon Unite and, please remember, that this is subjective:

Snorlax has regained the top Defender spot! Through the power of Block and Yawn, Snorlax can bring your opponents to heel and help your team completely invade a goal. It's even got the Endurance stat to back it up.
Blastoise may seem weak in the early game, but, once you've learned Surf and have access to its Unite Move, you'll discover its the master of crowd control. A master Blastoise player can easily turn the tide of a match.
With the right moveset Curstle can become the bane of your enemies - use it to unleash quick attacks and divide up the opposing team. Never underestimate Crustle's ability to build walls if there's one on the opposing team.
While Greedent has the endurance and mobility of a great defender, it's let down by having moves which are tricky to aim and a reliance on berries. If you're a Greedent fan, then make sure you put in the practise for this Pokémon.
Mamoswine's ability to freeze enemies, momentarily decreasing their movement speed, allows it to act as both a crowd controller and a full force attacker.
With moves like Surf and Telekenesis, Slowbroke allows you to take control of a fight, opening the way your teammates to score goals and kills.

Speedster tier list for Pokémon Unite

Speedster Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are known for their high mobility and offence stats, which allows them to both quickly defeat wild Pokémon and score goals.

At the time of writing, there are four Speedster Pokémon to choose from - Gengar, Absol, Talonflame and Zeraora. You have the option to obtain the Talonflame Pokémon Unite license after completing the tutorial.

It's important to note that Zeraora is only available for a limited-time after the game's release, so you might not be able to add it to your collection.

This is our Speedster tier list for Pokémon Unite, going from highest to lowest, and remember - this list is subjective:

Gengar is another Pokémon which has become more powerful with recent updates and it makes the choice between Dream Eater and Hex even harder, with both moves making Gengar near unbeatable in the right hands.
If you want Talonflame to be truly effective, you need to spend the early match levelling it up and hope your team has the ability to take the advantage. Doing so will grant you access to good moves like Fly!
Thanks to moves like Psycho Cut or Sucker Punch, Absol can easily be the master of critical hits. The trick to playing as Absol is to stay on the move, because standing still can get you killed easily.
Zeraora is another victim of updates, with both Discharge and its Unite move now dealing less damage. It still, however, has a higher mobility stat which makes it one of the fastest Pokémon in the game.

Supporter tier list for Pokémon Unite

Supporter Pokémon in Pokémon Unite have the ability to heal allies and attack opponents using status conditions to assist their teammates in defeating their opponents.

At the time of writing, there are three Supporter Pokémon available - Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime, Blissey and Eldegoss, which is one of the Pokémon you can choose upon completing the tutorial.

Below you can find the Supporter tier list for Pokémon Unite, which is organised from highest to lowest and is subjective:

Blissey is the perfect Pokémon for providing healing support in Pokémon Unite and, in addition, it can boost damage. You will, however, to fight alongside an ally to ensure you make the most of Blissey.
Love status effects? Then you'll love Wigglytuff! It has the ability to both Stun and put enemies to Sleep, making it perfect for crowd control.
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime's ability to create barriers makes it perfect for dividing up the enemy team and pushing them away from your goals.
Eldegoos saw its usefulness fall with the arrival of Blissey. While it still provides useful heals, it doesn't have the same power as it once had.

Need help deciding which Pokémon to choose? Check out our Pokémon Unite tier list and build guides for - Pikachu, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Cinderace, Greninja, Gengar, Blissey, Lucario and Absol. You can also learn more about the Ranked system, Fair-Play Points and how to surrender a match.

Pokémon list: How to unlock Pokémon in Pokémon Unite explained

At the time of writing, there are 21 playable Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, including the limited-time Zeraora.

You can earn new Pokémon Unite licenses by completing specific challenges, levelling up your Trainer level and purchasing them using one of the in-game currencies from the Unite Battle Committee.


Upon completing the tutorial, you'll also be given the choice of four Pokémon licenses - Charizard, Pikachu, Snorlax, Eldegoss and Talonflame. You'll receive whichever license you picked for free, while the others will be purchasable from one of the in-game shops.


Zeraora is also the first limited-time Pokémon in the game and you can earn it by playing Pokémon Unite during a specific time period.

Below, in National Pokédex order, you can find all of the Pokémon currently available in Pokémon Unite:

Have fun in Pokémon Unite!

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