Golgoroth is the second boss in King's Fall, and comes thick and fast after taking down the Warpriest.

First you need to navigate the cellar, a labyrinth that holds a secret of two, before a boss that requires all players to focus to succeed.

If you're running King's Fall as part of the Weekly Featured Raids playlist, then you can also take part in the Golgoroth Challenge for additional rewards.

How to navigate Golgoroth's cellar

The only thing you need to know is that all members of the fireteam must be present at the exit door in order for it to open. However, if you're hoping to scour the area for the hidden chest and Calcified Fragment, here's a description of the layout.

To exit Golgoroth's cellar, take the first right, then left, left again, turn right and proceed straight ahead toward the chandelier. For the Calcified Shard, take the first left corridor. It is right at the back, stuck to a rock.

To bag the secret chest, one player takes the first left from the entrance corridor and waits beside a pressure plate. Another heads right from the starting corridor to wait by a second plate. The third plate is found by heading right, then left, left again and then all the way to the end of the corridor. That person also needs to jump over the door from a nearby pillar to a space behind it where the plate is situated, and then stand next to the plate.

The chest door is halfway along this same corridor, so have one player wait here as your waypoint.

Pressure plate number four is first right, first left, left again, turn right, then right again to the end of that corridor. When the last guy is in position, the way to open the chest door is to step on plates in sequence. There have been a few reportedly reliable methods of doing this but none have been confirmed.

The way to know that you're doing it right is to have one person at a time step on their plate. If it's the correct one, there's an audible click and the Guardian glows faintly. If it's incorrect, a terrible thudding sound fills the cellar.

Have your guy standing beside the chest door confirm that the sequence worked and grab your loot. It isn't great raid gear, but you could get some handy runes and wormspore. The exit is directly ahead, facing away from the chest room.

How to kill Golgoroth

Your two team captains play a crucial role in this boss battle. Though it is said to be the toughest fight in the entire Raid, it is in fact very simple if everyone is paying attention to the sequence of events.

Your captains will be drawing the gaze of Golgoroth in the upper level, enabling a team of four in the pit below to put damage into the ogre's exposed belly. A damage buff can be gained by shooting out the orbs that hang from the ceiling above the pit, shattering them in order to drop puddles of goo for the team.

Before you begin, assign numbers to the six places where the orbs appear. We ran this by calling them L1-3, and R1-3, according to left and right as you face into the room from the entrance door. The most efficient way of dealing with Golgoroth is to run the entire left side first, and then the right.

You should also nominate one person within the four-man floor team to watch for adds, especially the Cursed Thrall that swarm from the cave at the back. Everyone should be throwing grenades periodically too, helping to keep the floor clear while concentrating fire on Golgoroth.

Starting positions for this battle are three left, and three right, facing the corridors so as to take down the encroaching adds. As soon as the orb in the centre of the ceiling is cracked open, the fun begins.

Direct Gologorth's gaze

Just as the last few adds are being killed, which must include the Adepts on the bridge, captains should take up position on the left corner of the room, with one standing on the boxes to aim at Golgoroth's exposed back. At the same time, the other captain - plus floor team - aim at L1 to break it open. It should crack within a few seconds, around the same time that Golgoroth begins to aim his Eye Blast at the captain watcher. He must also contend with glowing orbs fired toward him - easy to shoot from a fixed lower position.

Golgoroth's gaze lasts for 15 seconds. When the end of this period approaches, the current target should count down from around 5 seconds in order to cue in the second captain. While this countdown is taking place, the floor team should begin shooting down the L2 orb, ready to shift into the next puddle for the buff.

Once again, this second gaze is drawn from atop the boxes, keeping Golgoroth nicely in position. Meanwhile, the free captain should take up position on the bridge to the left to draw the final gaze from the left-hand side. This player holds that gaze at bridge position, enabling the goop from L3 to do its work for the floor team. And, again, this last orb should be targeted during the gaze countdown.

Both captains should be assisting the floor team with covering fire and grenades wherever possible. If all is going to plan - which means that the captains are successfully drawing the gaze each time - you should now be at the half-way point.

While the last captain is holding Golgoroth's gaze from the left bridge, the other dashes to the right corner of the room to perch on a box over there. The view isn't as clean as the other side, but still gets the job done. When the countdown starts, the floor team should be firing upon R1 - the right-hand side orb nearest the entrance to the room - to drop the goo.

The routine now requires the captains to draw the gaze up the right-hand side. As soon as one takes over, the other heads toward the right bridge for what is likely to be the killing barrage. The free captain can join the floor team to ensure the work is done, either focusing more DPS on the ogre's belly or ensuring that the pit is clear of adds.

In a perfect run, which is well rehearsed, the above strategy is all there is to care about. When things go wrong, however, the contingency plan is as follows: should one of the captains miss an opportunity to draw the boss's gaze, Golgoroth closes his back then turns his attention to the floor team. Adds fill the room, and everyone needs to be back on the upper deck to clear everything up before starting again from L1.

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