Warpriest is the first boss of King's Fall, coming shortly after Basilica, Annihilator Totems and Deathsinger's Power, and you may wish to assign your sharpest shooter to a key role here before starting the event.

Otherwise, just share responsibility across the whole team. You do, however, need to designate at least one person to the left, middle and right as you enter the Warpriest's hall, where they'll initiate proceedings by stepping onto three activation plates. These same guys might also wish to be your “Initiates”.

If you're running King's Fall as part of the Weekly Featured Raids playlist, then you can also take part in the Warpriest Challenge for additional rewards.

How to kill the Warpriest

When the fight begins, adds fill the hall: Acolytes, Adepts, Knights, Wizards and Thrall. After defeating three Hallowed Knights that zone in on the three plates, a “Glyph sequence” is started. One of your team needs to head toward the far side of the room - either on the Warpriest's dais to one side or below and just in front of him - to observe the three Tombstones that light up. These indicate the order in which one person should step onto, and remain standing upon, the activation plates.

Using the Brand of the Initiate buff

The third person to stand on a plate is given the Brand of the Initiate buff, surrounding them in a red aura. All other players assemble around this Initiate, shooting at the Warpriest with the highest impact weapons in their possession. Rockets are good, primaries are also fine, but those high impact sniper rifles we mentioned earlier are by far the best, and simply how it is on the damage front during the entire Raid.

The Brand of the Initiate buff lasts only 10 seconds, but it can be reset each time the Initiate kills one of the remaining adds. Therefore it is essential to extend this period of time as much as possible.

Use Tombstones to avoid the light from the Oculus

When the Brand of the Initiate is gone, the Warpriest summons the gaze of his Oculus - the huge ball hovering above his head - which fills the hall with harmful light. The team is protected from the gaze by huddling behind the nearest intact Tombstone, which disintegrates under the gaze's power.

The cleanest strategy we've experienced dictates that fireteams should assemble and aim at the Warpriest beside the Tombstones in order of sequence. The sequence is random, so at least you'll know where the final cover spot is located, and be ready to survive the blast.

Also, it is pretty clear that you have only four attempts at doing enough DPS to the Warpriest before he summons the Oculus gaze for the last time - and after that fourth attempt, there is no Tombstone cover to shield your fireteam with.

Assuming you're successful in this fight, you'll be able to secure your second major loot drop of the King's Fall raid from the Warpriest chest.

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