The Daughters of Oryx is the pen-ultimate battle, and takes you from Golgoroth's cellar to a jump-puzzle that is much harder than that involving the Hive Ships, mainly owing to the tiny ledges that you have to spot before you can even attempt to reach them.

How to navigate Transept and Threshold

First of all head left out of the corridor. The first narrow ledges are below, and in front of you. The next move requires a running jump, for two reasons: distance, and the fact that standing too long gets you blasted into the chasm thanks to a bumper that slides from the wall. Two more bumpers present obstacles on the ledges below.

Walk along the ledge while avoiding the sliding bumpers. This leads you to an activation plate, which can be used to summon a bridge across the gap. Although your Ghost reveals the location of this bridge, stepping onto it does not keep it tangible. The only way to progress is to have a team mate stand just on the edge of the plate to avoid being bumped into oblivion.

Five guys make it across to the other side, allowing four to make it further from there. And so it goes until only one person reaches the end of the final jump sequence, revealing all the bridges so that everyone can regroup.

After this, everyone should exit the Transept and head into an area called Threshold, in which the team leaps upwards toward the penultimate encounter with the Daughters of Oryx.

The Daughters of Oryx boss

As with Golgoroth, once you've done this fight once it feels easy afterwards. Coordinating everyone to reach that stage, however, is another matter, and what will one day be a crack 10-minute operation can become an hours-long fruitless struggle. Here's our preferred strategy.

In the centre of the room are two large pillars upon which stand the Deathsingers, otherwise known as Daughters of Oryx - Ir Anűk and Ir Halak, positioned respectively left and right from the entrance. These pillars are flanked by four lower activation plates - two on the far side, two near.

For the sake of consistency, elect the same guys that were in the pit for Golgoroth to own one lower plate each. This position remains theirs for the duration of the encounter, unless they are chosen to carry the Spark (more on this below).

One of the remaining players should be the sole substitute for one of the plate guys, should they find themselves on Spark duty. The final player is to focus solely on the adds, operating mostly over on the far side area where most of the enemies tend to spawn, keeping the floor clear with assistance from the guys on the plates. Now that you have the team's basic positioning and roles down, the next most important decision is to decide where the fireteam will gather after dropping the Deathsinger's protective shields.

It is always Ir Anűk that becomes the first target in this fight, and our fireteams found success by gathering behind the base of the plate on the far left corner of the floor to aim up at her. When next targeting Ir Halak, we've found it makes sense to gather on the far right-hand side of the floor in a similar position, just behind the base of that plate.

Before kicking things off, one player is chosen at random to carry the Spark. Their world becomes hazy black and white with a message on screen that says “Torn Between Dimensions”. To the rest of the team, they appear transparent. The Spark itself is seen hovering in the sky above one of the activation plates.

The event begins when the next plate along in an anti-clockwise sequence is activated by having its owner hop onto it, then remain standing. They can move from here on, but not jump. The last three activate theirs in sequence, making sure to wait for the previous player to land on theirs. Communicating this clearly is very important, and we shall explain why.

The order is set out in such a way to build a series of translucent platforms that climb toward the Spark. If the plates are activated out of sequence, the platforms will be built in the wrong order, which means that the runner will be unable to reach the Spark, no matter how skilful they are. Similarly, if any of the plate holders die, or abandon their position in any way, their section of platform will disappears.

(IMPORTANT: Be sure to take out the snipers that spawn approximately 10 seconds after the event is initiated. They appear in the air, behind each of the four plates.)

For the Spark runner, this becomes a race against time. As soon as the first plate is activated he may begin his ascent, while the Deathsingers' "Dirge of Unravelling" counts down from 60 seconds. The sooner he can deliver the Spark that shatters the Deathsinger's shield, the sooner the entire fireteam can get to work shooting at her head.

Ideally, the Spark should be delivered with a slam dunk from the final platform. Should you fail at this though, it is possible to hop up from below. As soon as the Spark runner is heading in for the shield, the fireteam should assemble at the base of the designated activation plate. Your attacks are boosted by the Aura of Unravelling.

The strategy is first to weaken Ir Anűk so that she only has a sliver of health remaining. After the next Dirge of Unravelling, it is essential to swiftly kill Ir Hanak. It's advised to hang onto any Supers, especially the Nightstalker Hunter's Shadowshot if possible, for taking down Ir Hanak. Finally, you'll target and kill Ir Anűk.

Between times there is another wave of adds to clear, during which the Spark resets and another player is randomly Torn Between Dimensions. Check to see where the Spark has appeared, and have your plate holders get to their positions. Activate them counter-clockwise, and pray that your Spark runner retrieves the prize in good enough time to ensure the successful completion of this encounter.

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