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Battle Engine Aquila unveiled

Guildford-based Lost Toys have unveiled Battle Engine Aquila, their latest project for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Due out sometime next year, the game is a first-person futuristic shooter and is set in a world where a mixture of global warming and global warfare have forced sea level to new heights, making land a valuable commodity. Aquila gives you the role of Hawk, the pilot of the prototype Battle Engine, codenamed Aquila, and caught in a war between two feuding nations, the Forseti and the Muspell. The war will decide ownership of precious dry land, and you have singularly the most destructive unit on the battlefield. The screenshots we have seen clearly feature sprawling, intricately detailed vistas with lots of polygons all over the place. Lost Toys managing director Jeremy Longley told Computer Trade Weekly that his company is "working to bring a fresh angle to the console shoot-em-up genre, immersing the player in the middle of a huge war with literally thousands of units on each side fighting it out around you." Related Feature - Battle Engine Aquila screenshots