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Quake 4 infection spreads

Virus writers prey on stupid gamers

A huge number of viruses appear in our mailboxes each day from people who have visited our site and then been infected by one of the many strains of mass-mailing worm which propogate by sending themselves to every e-mail address found in your internet cache and/or address book. So out of self-interest rather than any sense of concern for our readers, we would like to point out that the Quake4demo.exe file currently floating around the net is in fact a virus. The size of the file (it's only 56Kb) should be a dead give-away, not to mention the fact that when you run it a modified version of the Rocket Arena 3 installer pops up, asking if you want to "install Rocket Arena 3 into your Quake 4 directory" along with "the full version of Quake 4". Cunningly, if you click "Next" nothing happens, but if you smell a rat and try to hit the "Cancel" button at this point it installs copies of itself into your Windows directory, modifies your registry, and proceeds to overwrite exe files and mail itself to everybody in your address book. And if that includes us, we won't be impressed...

Source - Symantec (thanks Rick Johnson)