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Yet another tactical action game emerges from Eastern Europe

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There must be something in the water in eastern Europe, with a host of tactical action games such as Operation Flashpoint, Team Factor, Hidden & Dangerous and Codename Outbreak emerging from the former Soviet bloc. The latest title to add to that list is Chrome, developed by a Polish company called Techland. While their first game, Crime Cities, turned out to be something of a disappointment, Chrome is looking somewhat more .. polished. [You're fired - Ed.] The game takes place on a series of newly colonized worlds orbiting a distant star called Valkyria, just as a conflict over mineral deposites begins. You play a mercenary called Logan who is hoping to cash in on the chaos by selling his talents to the highest bidder, although he soon discovers that "sometimes money is not the only criteria for the right decision". Cue a series of missions taking in alien jungles, futuristic military bases, lunar landscapes and space stations. Chrome certainly looks pretty, with vast outdoors areas and all manner of fancy visual effects being promised, and with its mixture of tactical action, driveable vehicles and an array of sci-fi weaponry and implants it could prove to be well worth a look. Chrome is currently expected to appear on shelves some time in the spring, although a publisher has yet to be announced. Related Feature - Chrome screenshots

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