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Max At The Movies

Sure to be a Payne-ful experience [you're fired - pun Ed.]

More details on the Max Payne movie have emerged, with Remedy Entertainment's hit action game heading for the big screen courtesy of Abandon Entertainment, Collision Entertainment (that's a whole lot of entertainment) and Dimension Films. If the names sound familiar, it could be because this is the same trio that are trying to turn American McGee's Alice into a movie, under the watchful gaze of Wes Craven of all people. And bizarrely, although the deal wasn't actually signed and announced until earlier this week, the introduction to Max Payne's manual had already revealed the news to gamers around the world at the end of last month.

Senior Collider Scott Faye enthused that "we are excited to have the opportunity to craft the next successful video game icon into a larger-than-life film icon". Meanwhile former GodGames CEO Mike Wilson's last task before leaving his job was to tell the Hollywood Reporter that "Max Payne is the perfect character to bridge the Siliwood-Hollywood gap" and keep a straight face. A tricky final assignment indeed. Siliwood? Hello?

"He's a well-developed character, and the game has a great premise and story line - it's obvious that 3D Realms was thinking 'franchise character' when they developed Max in the first place", Mike added, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was actually Remedy who developed Max Payne.

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