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Operation Flashpoint expands

First free "content upgrade pack" released

Codemasters have announced that the first "content upgrade pack" for their best-selling action game Operation Flashpoint is now available to download for free from the official website. Included in this point release are the Soviet SU-25 Frogfoot heavy bomber, America's M-163 Vulcan anti-aircraft vehicle, and the much-loved East German car the Trabant. Aw, bless. Meanwhile the bizarre sounding Kozlice (a combination shotgun and rifle) has been added to give the infantry something new to play with, and two additional single player missions and four multiplayer maps are also included.

The Soviet Bloc's new secret weapon - the Trabbie! Sounds like a lawnmower, handles like a tank, disintegrates when you sneeze on it. But you've got to love it.

Next month will see the release of the long-awaited second upgrade pack, which will include support for Quake-style dedicated servers. And with the game's American release expected soon afterwards, September should be a great month for fans of the game.

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