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Sega strokes Nintendo's knee

It won't be long now before the two are in each others arms, Sega pres' reckons

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Sega's president and chief operating officer Peter Moore has spoken frankly about rumours of his company's collaboration with Nintendo. Speaking about the rumoured company crossover RPG, he said "I think that's just wishful thinking," but followed that up by saying that "if I got a phone call at four o'clock this afternoon from Japan that said they were doing it, it wouldn't surprise me in the least." Moore went on to describe Sega's relationship with Nintendo as "great", "all the way to Yamauchi-san, who has great regard for Sega and what we've done over the years." He spoke of a mutual respect between the two companies, even when they were in heated competition with one another at the peak of the 16-bit console era. "Have we done anything? No. Are they talking about it, I'm sure. Have we announced anything? No. Might we? I bet you that we do." Since Sega gave up the job of creating new console technology, they have boarded a financial rollercoaster, announced extensive software lineups for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles and kept the Dreamcast end up with some fine new releases to boot. Peter Moore is right, any collaboration between Sega and Nintendo is mostly speculation at the moment, but apparently they're as eager as we are to take things a bit further. Related Feature - GameCube will ship 500,000 in Japan

Source - IGN

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