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Eidos unveil TimeSplitters sequel

With "extensively upgraded" game engine

Eidos Interactive has officially unveiled the sequel to the popular PlayStation 2 first person shooter TimeSplitters. Although arguably surpassed by recent FPS spectacular Red Faction, TimeSplitters 2 will again feature single player and co-op modes, but this time the emphasis is on demonstrating the abilities of Free Radical Design's upgraded game engine. David Doak, MD of Free Radical described the process of developing TimeSplitters as "finding our feet", and said that with TimeSplitters 2 the company could "go to town and show people what we're really capable of doing". Multiplayer modes and the custom Map Maker will return, but even so, we reckon the game will have to do a lot to upstage our game of the moment, Red Faction. Related Feature - TimeSplitters 2 Screenshots

Source - ieMag