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What lies within The Spirits Within?

Free bonus for soundtrack buyers

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Final Fantasy fans will get a double treat if they manage to track down the American release of the Final Fantasy movie soundtrack. The film, subtitled The Spirits Within, debuts in the USA on the 17th of July, and apart from the delightful score composed by Elliot Goldenthal (writer of the score for Heat, amongst others), buyers of the soundtrack CD will pick up a free preview of Final Fantasy X. FFX, the next big release in the long-running series, isn't due out in Japan until later this year (although it is apparently finished), and features the story of Spira, a prospering technology-driven civilization nipped in the bud by an unfriendly force of nature known as Sin. Its preview will be more than enough to sell the soundtrack CD to excited fans, although we fancy the score is a bit special, too. Related Feature - Final Fantasy X completed

Source - GameSpot

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