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Final Fantasy X completed

No more delays, it's ready!

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Shinji Hashimoto, corporate director of Final Fantasy creators Square, announced to a packed PlayStation 2 party in the Shibuya district of Tokyo last night that the tenth iteration of the series is now complete. The imaginatively titled Final Fantasy X is set on the watery world of Spira, a prospering technology-driven civilization nipped in the bud by an unfriendly force of nature known as Sin. As usual, it's up to a group of young adventurers to usurp the evil Sin before it drives the planet's fearful occupants into seclusion and madness. Players take on the guise of Tidus and the obligatory love interest comes from a pretty lass called Yuna. It's fairly standard Final Fantasy fare, but it looks all the more entertaining for it. Originally expected to undergo further delays, the announcement of FFX's completion is both surprising and pleasant. We look forward with baited breath to finding out how Square's team (formed mostly of FFVIII designers) did with this one.

Source - Core Magazine

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