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Metal Gear Solid 2 movies

What, no hyperbole? Absolutely not, this is one of the [sheesh, you had to go and spoil it - Ed]

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. Download movie. Watch MGS2. Actually, don't go there, it was still pretty swamped last time we checked it even though it's been available for quite some time. The best way to grab the movies would be to right click on the following links and select "Save As..."

High quality

Medium quality

Low quality

- it appears Konami have killed the High quality download link for the time being. They apologize, and say it will be up again shortly. We really can't recommend the high quality version enough. Visually none of them are of a terribly high quality (we've watched all three), but the HQ version is the clearest of them all. Even so the action is stunning. At ECTS last year the early MGS2 footage on the Konami stand brought the floor to a standstill and caused looks of indignation on the kind young ladies trying to demonstrate Pokesomethingorother to me on the N64 as I swept round in awe. The footage in this video is very up to date, and demonstrates in short some of the things MGS2 players will get up to. The splashing water effects, skeletal animation and the James Bond-esque cinematic feel to events have us nawing at our finger nails in anticipation. Oh and yes, Zone of Enders is worth buying simply for the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo.

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