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More Necrocidal artists

Novalogic picks up two more artists for horror game

Having already secured the services of famous fantasy artist Brom for their gothic first person shooter Necrocide : The Dead Must Die, Novalogic today announced that they have also picked up sci-fi artist Oscar Chichoni and architect Isabel Molina, both of whom worked in the Oscar winning art team on period drama Restoration. They're no stranger to computer games, having worked with the late great Douglas Adams on Starship Titanic and provided concept art for Sony Europe. The pair will now be working on the "architectural environments that will establish the visual style of the various realms in Necrocide", as well designing the main vampire character and her mentor.

"This project is very exciting for us because we enjoy working with stylish themes", Chichoni explained. "We've been quite impressed by what NovaLogic is capable of, and we're looking forward to incorporating our ideas into the final vision."

To celebrate this latest signing, Novalogic have released two more new screenshots from the game.

Source - press release