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Paris occupied by Germans

Sudden Strike tournament rages across Europe

German publisher CDV have announced that they will be hosting a three way Sudden Strike grudgematch between the British, French and Germans in Paris this October. The British leg of the competition is about to start, with sign-ups now open at the recently launched Sudden Strike UK Championships website and the first online rounds due to start in July.

A bridge too far?

These will lead up to a grand final at London venue The Playing Fields on October 7th, where the top 24 players from around the country will fight it out for their share of £10,000 worth of prizes, including Hercules graphics and sound cards. The winner of this UK bout will then be given an all-expenses paid trip to Paris to compete against representatives from both France and Germany, at which point we will be duly obliterated by the Germans and sent scampering back across the Channel with our tails between our legs. Probably.

Source - press release

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