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Capcom confirm summer PSOne titles

Complete with screenshots and info

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Worldwide games publisher Capcom have kicked off their summer campaign with three games to warm the joypads of PSOne owners everywhere. The first is the long-awaited Breath of Fire 4, a straight conversion of the game which did so well in America. We recently previewed Breath of Fire on Nintendo's GameBoy Advance - it looks like Capcom are catering to old and new alike with these releases. You can view a number of screenshots of the game right here on EuroGamer. Also set for release in the late June / early July slot are two Mega Man titles - Mega Man X5 and Mega Man Legends 2, both big releases for fans of the decade-spanning action series. In Mega Man X5, the evil Sigma has devised a terrible plan to destroy planet Earth, and who else but our hero and his trusty robot partner Zero have to save the day. It'll be classic Mega Man action, and the team won't have strayed far from the classic formula. The other Mega Man title, Legends 2, is undoubtedly more interesting. A proper 3D adventure, the game features dual analog control with multiple 3D camera perspectives, the highest quality graphics ever seen on the PSOne (giving even Chrono Cross a run for its money), and a game world twice as large as the original. RPG elements are rife, but in effect it's Mega Man in 3D again, and who would be without that? Screenshots of X5 and Legends 2 can be found here and here. It looks as though the recently unveiled Capcom Eurosoft is off to a flyer with its new round of PSOne games. Amusing is it not though, that every title in its latest release is a sequel? Ah well, Capcom is as Capcom does - hopefully the games will do the talking.

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