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RoWeb holds a Gathering

A Highlander-themed LAN party? Strange but true.

are holding the latest of their series of LAN parties in Swindon on the weekend of June 8th to 10th, with room for up to 100 players and a modest £35 entry fee. Once again Intel are supplying the network hardware in the form of a 20GB backbone and a number of Pentium 4 computers, with the possibility of one of the country's first dual Pentium 4 systems being used as the master game server for the event. Intel are even showing up to explain why their Pentium 4 is the best CPU for gaming .. which should be interesting, given that most gamers prefer AMD's Athlon processors.

Of course, although the on-site bar and demonstrations of hardware you can't afford are all important to a British LAN party, the real heart of the event is the gaming itself. And RoWeb have something a little different planned this time, giving the LAN a Highlander theme and holding a tourney across multiple games to decide who wins the Prize. As you might expect, there can be only one winner, although in this case the lucky person will walk away with a full-size replica of Connor McLeod's sword rather than psychic powers. Still, it sounds like a laugh, and you don't have to lose your head if you get beaten...

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