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Deus Ex : Game of the Year Edition

Eidos to release special edition of last year's top FPS

We liked Deus Ex. We liked it rather a damn lot. In fact, we gave it a very controversial 10/10 rating when we reviewed it in the middle of last year, and despite the large bug fix patch that was subsequently released for it we stand by that rating. It's a top game. Eidos know this too, and to celebrate its popularity the publishing giant has put together a special "Game of the Year Edition" to go out on May 9th, featuring the original adventure patched up to include multiplayer support along with the various bits and pieces of Deus Ex software that have been released lately, including the Software Development Kit. Also featuring in the updated version is an audio CD with 30 tracks from the game's soundtrack remastered on their own disc for higher quality. If you don't already own Deus Ex, or if you just bought a new PC and want something to give it a run for its money, you could do a hell of a lot worse than to throw some cash at this Game of the Year edition. Saves you having to download a 35Mb patch at the least. In the mean time, feel free to bone up on the game's historic ins and outs with the aid of last summer's review. Related Feature - Deus Ex Review

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